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Slovenian leftists with another commissioned article abroad, this time in the New York Times

By: Aleš Ernecl / Nova24tv.si

One of the favourite activities of the desperate transitional left is for their journalist or mediator to call a journalist who has access to write articles for a foreign, eminent, far-left newspaper – and then pretend in their media that they had nothing to do with an article in the foreign newspaper. In the sense, “Even strangers have noticed what is going on!”.

A similar case occurred yesterday when 24ur, an Internet portal POP TV, published an article in which the author pretended to be surprised to read an article in the New York Times in which even “Americans” themselves noticed that Janez Janša is going to a cultural war, which is supposed to be very obvious. In doing so, they entirely followed the subscribers from Slovenia, but did not check the facts and tried to present them.

The New York Times – a far-left trumpet of the American Democratic Party, known for anti-Christian and anti-white, racist articles, which today, like Slovenia’s mainstream media, still presents itself as an “independent” medium despite the decades of ruining their credibility – published an article of a journalist, who in his writing took dictation of a mediator from Slovenia. 24ur, as part of a popular and long-read process of the transitional left, published an article post festum by a journalist pretending to be surprised by an ordered “anti-Janšism” article in the “great” New York Times.

24ur begins its article: “The Slovenian government has replaced the directors of larger institutions, adding that the average artists have nothing to complain about,” where the New York Times, which is extremely interested in Slovenia, wants to convince us that the Slovenian government is not only setting up its own people, it also does not allow any opposition. After months of protests, commissioned articles abroad, outrages, attacks, threats – there is enough evidence that the introductory statement is a blatant lie, but let’s also take a look at the content of the complaint. Namely, the author of the article summed it up in all its emptiness, enriched with traditional false news and half-truths of the Slovenian central media.

The subscriber is definitely from Slovenia

24ur continues to read an article in the New York Times: “Mr. Janša is known for online attacks on his opponents, including the media, which he thinks are biased. He also opposes immigration. However, after Janša’s return to the position, a popular topic of many populists came to the fore: culture.” Amateurishly and forcibly written, which can be seen when the author pulls a cliché from nothing, from “who knows where”, a cliché saying that he “also opposes immigration,” which is half-truth, worse than a lie, because Janez Janša, like any sane person, opposes mass and difficult to control, unrestricted migrations, including immigration to Slovenia – not immigration in general.

What we can find out from this is also who is the subscriber to the said article in the NYT. Some left wing cultural worker. Our speculation is that, in one way or another, it was commissioned by the “until now eternal” director of the Moderna Gallery in Ljubljana, Zdenka Badovinac, which does not matter anyway – the key is the modus operandi, in the background of which anyone could be offended and enraged left wing cultural worker. Namely, the article mentions the change of leaderships at the Moderna Gallery, the National Museum of Slovenia, and the Museum of Recent History as the main arguments for its hypothesis about the cultural struggle.

Do not touch “our” culture

According to many artists, academics and intellectuals, the changes have taken place due to the government wanting to turn these institutions in a conservative and nationalist direction, the American newspaper writes and is later quoted by 24UR. They forgot to add leftist artists, academics and intellectuals. Biased, almost certainly involved in the commissioned article. 24UR continues: “The government denies this. As Mitja Iršič, a public relations consultant at the Ministry of Culture, told the New York newspaper, the new directors are not appointed politically, but were selected through a public tender.” Regarding the accusations that this year’s commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s secession from Yugoslavia will only be propaganda of one view of the country’s independence, Iršič answers that it will be a celebration of freedom and not the promotion of a certain political ideology. “Such accusations of political interference appear whenever the right wing government is in power,” he added.

The propaganda of just one look at the independence, if we read between the lines, means that the “evil right-wingers” do not want people who did not want independence to be included in independence fighters today – but would like to take credit for it. If you do not want to manipulate the truth to please leftists, you are promoting one ideology.

They “forgot” to tell the truth about Zlatko

The New York Times business collaboration with 24UR continues: “Under the leadership of the Janša government, the Ministry of Culture cancelled the lease of premises to a number of art and charities, and rapper Zlatko Čordić was tried to be deprived of his status of artist, which brings certain benefits such as health and pension insurance.” Čordić appealed to the decision of the Ministry of Culture, and the court granted it. As far as we know, the decision on Čordić will be made again, and the Slovenian subscriber, in his crying, forgot to mention to NYT the activity of Čordić, which led to this:

  • that he attacked a Nova24tv journalist and stole his camera,
  • that he attacked and harassed the director of the NIJZ and pretended to be a journalist,
  • that he broke into the national celebration in Ljubljana,
  • that he attacked an accordionist on a Triple Bridge,
  • that he called on not to wear masks and to spread the virus, even on public TV.

In continuation: “The New York Times writes that artists and activists reacted sharply to Janša’s policy, writing protest letters and holding regular demonstrations in the streets. The (mostly) liberal-oriented newspaper also states that criticism of Janša’s policy is not limited to Slovenia, as 150 academics from Europe and North America signed an open protest letter regarding the Slovenian government’s policy. To this, the Ministry of Culture replied that the signatories had been misled by radical leftists among Slovenian academics.”

Once again. Not artists. Leftist artists. Not activists. Leftist activists. The NYT is not a liberal-oriented newspaper, it is a progressive, Soros’ pamphleteering agitprop medium hostile to the right wing and to Christianity. Speaking of academics, we regret that the ministry did not refer to our article on ten academics. When our journalist wrote to them, he found out that they do not answer individually, but have a common e-mail, to which who-knows-who answers. The best explanation, also because of the content and tone in the e-mails, which can be confirmed by both Aleš Ernecl and Dejan Steinbuch, is that this was done by a Slovenian leftist, perhaps even Štromajer.

24ur: “Janša’s government is not the only one tackling a turmoil in the cultural field, the newspaper points out, adding that similar moves are being made in Poland and Hungary.” We waited a long time, but finally we awaited for “NYT” to use the modern version of argumentum ad hitlerum, which is argumentum ad orbanum.

“On the one hand, there are people who want museums to be relevant, appropriate and ethical, and places of understanding and tolerance, especially towards minorities,” Kaja Širok, director of the outgoing Museum of Recent History of Slovenia, told the newspaper in her leaving, she also says that she strived for a balanced presentation of several historical positions, which, in her opinion, cannot be expected from the new leadership. Širok will be replaced in February by Jože Dežman, a conservative historian who already ran the museum during the first Janša’s government. A balanced presentation can only be understood as her trying to satisfy the interests of everyone, regardless of the truth. The truth may be such that the appetites of all cannot be satisfied. From this we can see that another one in the line of the offended, Kaja Širok, acted ideologically by her own admission. Do not get us wrong, we are not naïve, but we honestly do not believe she would want to balance anything.

We also called Mitja Iršič for an opinion and full correspondence with a journalist from the New York Times, who is still finalising his report for the government’s website. When he completes it, we will publish it.


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