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SDS (Slovenian Democratic Party) demands an extraordinary session to be convened because government services are still enabling environmental criminal activities of Janković

By: Sara Kovač (Nova24tv)

According to the Slovenian Democratic Party, the construction of the C0 connecting channel should be carried out in accordance with the law, but unfortunately, this is not the case. Based on available documentation, it is evident that an environmental impact assessment and a legally binding environmental consent should have been obtained before the construction of the Wastewater Collection and Treatment System in the Ljubljansko Polje Aquifer area. Without this consent, construction in this area is not possible, and by bypassing the legislation on construction, spatial planning, and environmental protection, the law is being circumvented.

The President of the Republic of Slovenia, Nataša Pirc Musar, has addressed a letter to the Mayor of the City Municipality of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković, urging him to temporarily halt the construction of the C0 channel, complete the procedure for obtaining an environmental impact assessment, and make a responsible and transparent decision in dialogue with the general public and experts. The President has pointed out several irregularities that indicate a circumvention of the legislation in the process of constructing the C0 channel.

The route on which the C0 connecting channel is being built intersects a seismic fault line three times. Therefore, due to the seismic hazard of the area, there is an even greater risk of pipe rupture, resulting in water contamination and a potential large-scale catastrophe with irreversible consequences. Furthermore, the alarming statements from the manufacturer of the C0 pipes, produced in Romania, indicate that the product lacks any certifications for fire or seismic safety. Article 70.a of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia guarantees the right to drinking water, and the entire relevant expertise – medical, toxicological, and ecological – warns that sewage infrastructure passing through the aquifer area poses an inherent danger to the health and property of over 300,000 residents of the City Municipality of Ljubljana.

Jan Zobec, the Supreme Court judge, stated: “The President of the Republic speaks out, civil society protests, and real battles unfold on the scene. The construction of the channel is a perfect example of legal chaos, disorder, and legal disorderliness, where security guards are throwing punches and where the rule of law is collapsing before everyone’s eyes.”

The Slovenian Democratic Party believes that it is crucial for the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia to be informed about the irregularities, abuses, and circumvention of the law and the rule of law regarding the construction of the C0 channel. They propose that the Assembly discusses and adopts the recommended resolution with the aim of stopping such abuses and the erosion of the rule of law.


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