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Saturday, June 3, 2023

SD carried out a putsch on RTV Slovenia – will the illegal takeover of the management of the RTVS Supervisory Board go unpunished?

By: G.B.

Did the general director of RTVS Andrej Grah Whatmough go too far in the eyes of the transitional left when he dismissed the director of TVS Natalija Gorščak? Given the infamous move of SD in the supervisory board of RTVS for sure.

Namely, Siol.net reports that the Supervisory Board met behind the back of its own president, Dr Borut Rončević, apparently under the leadership of Danilo Tomšič, in order to push the director general of RTVS into a corner because allegedly, due to dismissal, he acted illegally. Regardless of the fact that the leadership left the meeting and that the rebels were warned of the illegality of their action, they continued to work. Although Rončević was quite legitimately appointed president of the RTVS National Assembly, the left wing part of the National Assembly elected its own “president”, convened its own “session” and ordered the RTVS director general to report immediately on the legality of Gorščak’s removal. This event was reported completely unilaterally by the STA, which summarised the views of the revolutionaries.

It should be noted that Whatmough was the chairman of the supervisory board before his appointment as general director, and Tomšič had already tried to bring him down. The RTVS programme council is led by Ciril Baškovič, also a member of the SD. Obviously, this is not enough for the transitional left and it is trying to take over the supervisors of RTVS in an illegal way.

Dr Rončević has already announced via Twitter that the convening of the NS RTVS was illegal as well as all the decisions adopted.


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