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Prime Minister Janez Janša: The budget is set to meet the needs of people in Slovenia


In yesterday’s statement to the press following the presentation of the budget documents at the National Assembly, Prime Minister Janez Janša commented on the fact that the opposition had obstructed a session involving the presentation of a document as important as the budget. The Prime Minister said that he regretted this behaviour by the opposition.

“Obstruction is one of the instruments that the opposition can use, but I do not know if it has ever happened at a budget presentation, before you even hear the frameworks you are protesting against. The reasons provided were also unconvincing,” the Prime Minister said and added that, according to the opposition, the Government should resign because of good macroeconomic data. “I think it’s basically the same issue, but from a different angle. The budgets for the next two years allocated two billion euros from European and Slovenian funds for investment and investment transfers for each year. This means that we will build new schools and kindergartens, and renovate the old ones; we will build road and rail infrastructure that was disregarded in previous years or decades; we will build or renovate hundreds of additional residential care capacity for the elderly. We will build much more than has been built before. Furthermore, significant investments have also been made in science, environmental protection, flood safety and digital transformation.  The budget funds have been allocated to meet the needs of people in Slovenia. But if we look at the investments of those creating an obstruction today, we see that tens and hundreds of millions of euros have been spent on matters that generated no results,” the Prime Minister said.

He pointed out that he was interested if any of the journalists could name any significant national achievement of any of the NGOs from Metelkova 6, where tens of millions have gone in recent years. “Does anyone know of any achievements?” Prime Minister Janša said in closing.


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