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No, Mrs. Pirc Musar, the communication of the KUL coalition is problematic

By: Matej Markič /Nova24tv

In the last show Tarča, the participants – this time the current Minister of Health and internist Janez Poklukar, former Minister of Health and Cardiologist Dušan Keber, lawyer and former Information Commissioner Nataša Pirc Musar, vaccination coordinator Jelko Kacin and director of the Ljubljana Health Center Rudi Dolšak were popular – under the baton of Erika Žnidaršič discussed the PCT measures introduced by the government as a condition for visiting most closed public spaces in the country, while also touching on the Wednesday’s riots in Ljubljana. And although most of the guests were relatively consistent in their statements, Pirc Musar made a series of extremely absurd statements in the show.

The specialist in the field of legal protection of personal data and access to public information went on the offensive at the very beginning of the show, when she answered Žnidaršic’s question about who she thinks is most to blame for dissatisfaction with the measures taken, which escalated into violence the day before in front of the parliament. She answered that the Slovenian government itself is definitely to blame, which in her opinion has been communicating inappropriately with citizens since the formal legal confirmation on March 13th last year. If we analyse the situation in more detail in the last year and a half, we find that this is not entirely true. First of all, it is worth noting that Slovenia is a unique phenomenon in the world, as we have two coalitions on the political stage – the official government coalition (which gathered a majority of MPs’ votes in the National Assembly on March 13th, 2020 – 52 votes in favour and 31 votes “against” – for the composition of a legitimate government and should, according to all the rules of good taste, officially rule the country) and the resistance “archery coalition” or the so-called Coalition of the Constitutional Arc (which wants to continue to retain power in the country at all costs, even though it did not win the election, enjoying the strong support of the transitional left and street troublemakers).

Pirc Musar’s credibility was questioned in Tarča show, as Turk’s chosen information commissioner did not even once during the entire 53-minute broadcast criticise the really inappropriate communication of the representatives of the “Coalition of the Shit Arc”, which includes numerous verbal attacks on social networks, constant incitement against the officially recognised Slovenian government, public calls for violations of preventive measures to curb the Chinese coronavirus epidemic, co-organisation of unreported and (as we have seen in recent days) often extremely violent protests or riots, and disgrace of the Republic of Slovenia abroad (simply because there is a government in power that they just do not like). It would be highly desirable for someone from the Ljubljana law firm Pirc Musar & Lemut Strle to be reminded of insults, verbal attacks and even physical violence spread on Slovenian streets by anti-government protesters led by Jaša Jenull, Anis Ličina and Zlatan Čordić – Zlatko, Janez Stariha and other pearls of Slovenian society, for whom it has been established several times that they are an extension of the KUL members, or in other words they are their assault detachments in charge of performing “dirty work”.

However, as always, their inappropriate communication can be swept under the rug, as the KUL members and the anarchists associated with them are “ours”, and the finger must be pointed at “theirs”, as in the case of the intrusion of anti-vaccinators into the RTV building or into a government coalition, which is constantly being nit-picked, and exposes even the most banal and harmless statements of its representatives, such as the biblical quote “Do not throw pearls among pigs” by the Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs, which he shared on his Twitter after the national celebration on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Slovenian independence. However, when Friday’s political cyclists chant the slogan “the streets are ours”, which was regularly chanted by Nazi brown-haired people, and wave banners calling for death, this is obviously perfectly acceptable for a doctor from the Vienna Law School, and quietly perhaps even desirable.


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