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Nemec Is Trying to Divert Attention: The Cyclists’ Left-Wing Fascism on Kredarica has Compromised the Left to the Point Where They Are Looking for “Right-Wing Extremists” by Abusing the Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services!

By: Gašper Blažič

Following Friday’s events at Triglav, where a group of left-wing activists led by the infamous trade unionist Tea Jarc tried to provoke an incident – they were probably expecting the Prime Minister’s security guards to tackle them so that they would have been able to play the role of dissidents in public – it has now finally become clear that the provocation did not succeed. And what is more, the public is appalled by their behaviour, which means that the latest version of the “burning of the Reichstag” conspiracy has failed.

However, outrage is growing due to the fact that the left-wing protesters even went after the mountain signposts, as they put stickers with symbols of the cycling protests on them. Which is actually one step away from vandalism and proof that activists do not even know the general, let alone mountain etiquette.

As many people have noticed, even the infamous president of the SD party, Tanja Fajon, publicly distanced herself from the events at Triglav, even though she tried to place as much responsibility as possible on Prime Minister Janez Janša. Apparently, the members of the political underworld have already taken action and started to divert the public’s attention elsewhere, as hints of the existence of far-right groups began to appear in the mainstream media, which these same media outlets always associate with the current government. And apparently, the main person behind these reports was, once again, the SD MP Matjaž Nemec, who is also the Chairman of the Commission for the Supervision of Intelligence and Security Services, who convened a session of the commission on Wednesday. At the session, the commission supposedly got acquainted with the activities of the supervised services in connection with the operation of far-right movements. The chairman, Matjaž Nemec from the Social Democrats, announced on Twitter that they would propose the opening of the session for the public, as it has the right to know about the findings of the investigative journalists on this topic. Of course, he did not explain which investigative journalists were to be invited, but we can guess that they will probably be the ones from Odlazek’s media empire. Nemec, therefore, wants the session to be open to the public because he believes that the public has the right to know who the representatives are of the far-right in Slovenia and who is financing them.

According to the Slovenian Press Agency, Nemec also announced that investigative journalists would present “findings on possible connections” between high-ranking government officials and the police “with the state-funded neo-Nazis.” In the tweet, he also mentioned, among other things, the State Secretary Franc Kangler, who accused Nemec of abusing the role of the commission. “Through your position of chairman, you are abusing your powers and putting pressure on the police and other services. I will come to every public session,” Kangler announced.

At least two-thirds of the members present must agree that the session be open to the public. Prime Minister Janez Janša, State Secretary for National Security in the Prime Minister’s Office Žan Mahnič, Director-General of the Police Anton Olaj, and Director of the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency Janez Stušek are also invited to the session.

It is quite clear, however, that we cannot overlook the obvious faking of ignorance of not only Matjaž Nemec and the transitional left, but also many of the media outlets that put the far right at the forefront while staying completely silent on the topic of the much more active far leftists who are protected by the political underworld. In other words, it is about throwing sand in the eyes of the public and mitigating the damage caused by the reckless actions of Jarc and her activist group.


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