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Sunday, May 28, 2023

Minister of Defence Matej Tonin published photos of romping of protesters in front of NSi: “Enough violence and arbitrariness of a loud and rude minority!”

By: Sara Rančigaj /Nova24tv

Tensions on Friday’s protesters are not easing and are getting stronger. Among other things, they showed their strength on Friday night, when they decided to destroy the façade of various political parties after the rally. The façade was plastered with swastikas and totalitarian symbols, which was also strongly condemned by NSi President Matej Tonin. “Enough violence and arbitrariness of a loud and rude minority. This is not NSi policy and this is not our vision,” he was clear. Despite numerous calls from politicians, it is becoming increasingly clear that a “constructive policy” cannot be established in Slovenia, and we can only dream of better and more tolerant times.

Friday’s protesters under the auspices of Jaša Jenull destroyed the façade of the headquarters of Nova Slovenija, as they affixed it with swastikas and totalitarian symbols – after destroying the blazes on Triglav in the same way. “Enough violence and arbitrariness of a loud and rude minority. This is not NSi policy and this is not our vision” Tonin was clear.

According to the eMaribor portal, Jenull’s gang walked around the addresses of political parties and hung posters on the walls of the façades. This time, the troublemakers rose above the entire Slovene politics, except for the SNS and SDS parties. During the rally, the latter called for the withdrawal of Ljudmila Novak from the party and continued their march to the DeSUS party. The police calmly observed the troublemakers, but this time the left wing media condemned their romping, unlike in previous months.

Minister of Defence Matej Tonin has repeatedly emphasised that he believes in a tolerant and respectful policy. “A policy that knows how to confront arguments and is able to express them in a dignified way. The events in Kredarica and yesterday’s attacks on the seats of political parties show that we do not all share the same values in our society,” Tonin explained. It is sad that in a time of “advanced and developed” society, parties have to face attacks, and even more sad is the fact that we are becoming an enemy to each other because of crimes committed (intentionally) in the past and further encouraged by protesters.

Protesters are going lower and lower and becoming even more aggressive

The scenes at the NSi party headquarters of the Minister of Defence are reminiscent of the marking of houses in Germany during Hitler’s time. “Always lower and more aggressive! We watched similar scenes in Germany in 1930, when the Nazis marked the buildings of those whose “past actions we will not forget” with a yellow star in the streets. Democratic Slovenia wake up! Let’s say out loud that it is enough of this kind of harassment,” he added.

Certainly Tonin is right, in Slovenia we have long since lost the compass with which we would be able to assess what is right and what is wrong or what we are actually fighting for, while as a society we are sinking deep into the “pool”. Jenull also does not give in and emphasises that they will not allow things to be simply forgotten or that people should forget how they are being persecuted by the “government of fear” of Janez Janša.

Janša also gave a clear message that the mentioned actions are reprehensible. “Will we continue to watch proto-fascist squads, sons and daughters of officials who think nothing can happen to them, how they insult, threaten and have now turned against their own? That needs to be stopped,” he wrote.


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