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Milan M. Cvikl should express concern about what is happening in state-owned companies, which have been usurped for their business by members of his Social Democrats

By: Domen Mezeg / Nova24tv

One of the main actors in the Patria affair and a loyal cadre of the deep state and a member of the Social Democrats, this time expressed concern about what was happening at Pošta Slovenije and announced a proposal to convene a meeting of the Public Finance Control Commission. At the same time, it is not understandable why Mr. Cvikl is suddenly so worried about what is happening in the state-owned company, since in the past he “ravaged” (together with other party members) the state property without self-criticism. Petrol and his party colleague Matjaž Han should be mentioned in particular.

The role of SD member Milan Cvikl in the Patria affair is known, and he received an exceptional award for falsely incriminating the current Prime Minister Janez Janša, as he was appointed a member of the European Court of Auditors, where he received a monthly amount of around 20,000. However, despite being co-responsible for one of the biggest human rights violations in the history of Slovenia – in the case of Patria, he later shamelessly decided to run for the post of Vice Governor, and then even for the post of Governor of the Bank of Slovenia. He is a man who has been defiled by numerous scandals during his public career and is one of the last in this country to play a moral arbiter, for example in the case of Pošta Slovenije, as SD intends to convene a meeting of the Public Finance Control Commission.

Recall: Cvikl approved NLB loans in violation of the principles of optimal risk and lobbying for TEŠ 6. Former State Secretary for Budget at the Minister of Finance Mitja Gaspari was in charge of risk analysis in NLB, then Minister of European Affairs in the Ropa government, and then SD MP, Secretary General of the Government in Pahor’s government, from where he went to the European Court of Auditors. In addition to his involvement in the Patria affair, we will remember him forever for lobbying for Viator Vektor through his second wife and for lobbying for the support of TEŠ 6 in Pahor’s government. With this, it is completely clear that he is a sworn member of the Kučan clan association gathered around the already dissolved Forum 21.

It is worth mentioning another dirty game of SD party members, including Cvikl: Former Slovenian Prime Minister Anton Rop was in the past the Prime Minister and a member of the failed LDS party, whose president was Katarina Kresal. He then decided to join the SD party, whose leadership is in the hands of MEP Tanja Fajon. It should be noted that SD is considered a party that is very present in Petrol through operations and staffing, as the companies of SD MPs are also privately owned. Among them is also a company co-owned by the leader of the parliamentary group Matjaž Han. Petrol’s jobs have already been held by some other members of the SD party, especially leaders, such as directors and commercialists.

In the past, he was also involved in the formation of the astronomical banking hole

But that is not all, a network has also been established to provide services at Petrol to their children, wives and relatives. All this was revealed by POP TV, close to Marjan Šarec’s party. Rop is better known today as the one who, at least until recently, still drove around Ljubljana in a BMW with a Luxembourg license plate, and who is a business partner of the infamous Udba boss Janez Zemljarič in the company Carantanium, an expressly failed construction business. Rop is also active in entrepreneurship, namely he owns the company Prom-Energija, and he is also considered the founder and representative of the private institute for modern sustainable development (ISTR), whose owners are also Patrick Vlačič, Rado Bohinc, Uroš Jauševec and none other than Cvikl.

Thus, we can understand why the SD party opposed the government at certain key moments, such as the adoption of anti-corona packages. Interest in depleting state-owned enterprises is, after all, too strong. It is also known that Cvikl helped create an astronomical banking hole. We can also mention the infamous Institute for Modern Sustainable Development, established by the consensus of leading members of the SD party for drawing money, which only a few days after the disclosure of the contract with the impoverished state company Premogovnik Velenje in the amount of 35 thousand euros, experienced a disastrous end. But despite the withdrawal from the contract, they are supposed to keep the 18,000 euros of the already paid deal!

He is so greedy that his daughter had to sue him for not paying alimony!

Only 39 days after the disclosure of the intention of prominent members of the SD party to establish the institute, and 12 days after the disclosure of their first agreed deal with the impoverished state company Premogovnik Velenje, in which they would advise on retirement of workers for as much as 35 thousand euros, the said institute already closed its doors. The reason was the numerous negative reactions in the party itself, which strongly damaged the relations at the top of the Social Democrats, as some of its most prominent members were among the founders of the institute: Rop, Cvikl, Vlačič, Jauševec and Rado Bohinc Jr. The latter claims that he was never a member of the SD party.

In fact, Cvikl has cooked up a series of scandals in his career, and has done little for the country and the people. It is time to refresh readers’ memory of some of his other sins: evading paying bills to workers for work done, selling a book whose contents he copied from Wikipedia, and failing to pay alimony for his daughter (who sued him). Cvikl, on the other hand, is not only greedy (at someone else’s expense) and in debt, but he is obviously able to survive only on budget revenues or in the services he gets through political connections. Furthermore, he does not seem to be honest with his own children, let alone with his fellow citizens.


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