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Friday, September 22, 2023

Lie after lie or Kučan’s democracy and normalcy

By: dr. Ivan Klemenčič /Nova24tv

We know what democracy is. Rule of the people, human rights and fundamental freedoms, freedom of speech… A functioning political system. And non-democracy? It is its opposite as the broadest concept. Its representatives come to power in the most extreme form with bloody revolutionary violence as a self-proclaimed clique. And when should we pay attention to non-democracy when in opposition?

Its representatives and supporters are immediately recognised by lies; they can only argue with lies. Communism alone would not be without lies. That is, with claims that do not agree with either empirical facts or common sense, which should mislead the naïve and harm democratic opponents. It is an open, unequivocal attack on the truth and thus on the people.

They are particularly recognisable because of the claims and accusations of political opponents without evidence. Their truth is clearly unquestionable, absolute. Moreover, as in the days of communist terror, their lies are born out of hatred. Even today, political opponents are not political opponents, they are enemies who must be eliminated in one way or another, liquidated. According to the solid communist tradition, they must also have the number one enemy of the state, who in the role of the villain will be to blame for everything, responsible instead of them. It is not necessary to state who this penetrating critic of the regime in Slovenia, who has been imprisoned three times, is. They also fear him, his truths and because he is too good for them. The right lightning rod for all the negatives instead of them. Already here is a classic role swap. That is how we came to morality. For the above, non-democracy and morality do not go together. The fact that the umbilical cord in Slovenia is not broken by communism agrees with this and is the key that tells everything. Therefore, the latent revolution is not over. Therefore, there is no and cannot be legitimacy. Thus, efforts to violently overthrow the government, death threats…

Lie after lie or Kučan’s democracy and normalcy

But even with this, we are not yet at the place of cheating naïve Slovenes. An indispensable feature is the change of roles of non-democrats. Although, so to speak, chained to communism, they present themselves as self-evident democrats, fighters for a normal Slovenia, its saviours. However, let us not overlook when they accuse the opponent of fascism (which experienced the infamous end of 1943 and is no more, as the accusation today can only be a post-communist puff without content), totalitarianism, incompetence, they talk about themselves. The accused opponent is their mirror. That is who they are. Who then are the fascists, if any, the dictators, the incompetent politicians?

Let us be careful, the insult cannot be a communist. Then they would accuse themselves and their bloody predecessors as such, to whom they still hold the sack today, worship them, and go to worship them. However, the identity of these publicly proclaimed democrats, defenders of normalcy and democracy, is communism, adapted to the non-democracy of post-communism in the new situation within the European Union. Who else in Slovenia needs to sing Bandiera rosso, who wears red stars, who wears titovka caps, shows off with the “legendary” mass murderer Che Guevara, etc. and in doing so remain legitimate? Violence, accusations, the blood of the innocent, the bloody past, begins and ends with a lie.

And we are not near the end yet. According to the Slovene undemocratic model, this lie is being exported abroad, to grateful Brussels, where it is then imported back for domestic use. Because they follow all this lies and immorality at home, they identify with them and spread them in their public media. This is how we live in lies, hatred, immorality.

And one step further. When we listen to the four representatives of KUL, we pay attention to them competing with each other, who will lie and accuse more. Are they moral, credible politicians? And they must pay special attention to Milan Kučan’s false accusations that they and other new democrats continue to spread the “truth” of the deep state and their mafia godfather, who was – obviously worried – this time forced to step back from a safe darkness in the fight for “the old communist justice”. Through his hateful statements and such public appearances, he gives both them and his public media moral support in lying and accusing.

In the Democrats’ response: the immortality of lies, the Ministry of Truth, the power of truth

Thus, we come to the attacked side. It did not remain silent, despite all the extensive testimony in scientific and professional literature abroad and at home, the Polish philosopher Leszek Kołakowski responded proverbially and significantly with the famous saying: “A lie is the immortal soul of communism.” Today, according to the practice in Slovenia, also shown here, we can only say that it is also the eternal and immortal soul of post-communism. The post-war critic of original communism, George Orwell, already knew the Ministry of Truth in total non-democracy (in the novel “1984”, published in 1949), so he must have known something about our virtuous kul members, kučans, golobs, etc. He spoke ironically through Big Brother that when he speaks about the truth, it means a lie, when he speaks about peace, it means war, when he says national interest, it is the private interest of communists and now post-communists, ideologically of course international interest.

Václav Havel was particularly aware of the contradictions of lies, the truth in communism. He titled his critical book on the communist regime in Slovene translation and with its introduction “Living in Truth” for Slovenes, with the subtitle “The Power of the Powerless” (1978, Slovene edition 1994). So, we are at the core. With Havel, we must also be aware of the paramount importance of truth in non-democracy and spread it. Only the power of truth leads us to democracy.

Censorship for ground-breaking successes

That is why the undemocratic side knows, according to the eighty-year tradition, that the truth in non-democracy must be completely disabled, unconditionally censored. For example, how could it be allowed to announce that the presidential fascist and dictator has become a figure for Central and Eastern Europe in 2020? How can it be allowed to conclude that such an incompetent government, after intensive contacts at the highest international level, makes Slovenia one of the nine members of the Mediterranean Group of States? Or that its cowardly government for the excellent leadership of the Council of Europe receives so much sincere praise from the highest politicians of the European Union that the opposition can only dream of, and at home there is not a single praise for such a successful government, only incitement and accusation?

That the government continues to help Slovenia in the epidemic with measures, so far with ten anti-corona packages and money to individuals and the economy, and maybe not with five billion of our money with high interest rates to incompetent domestic bankers, as former Prime Minister Bratušek did, for which she was not responsible? And that, despite the pandemic, the highest employment in Slovenian history was achieved with government measures? A new achievement because economic growth last year exceeded all forecasts by 8.1 percent. Or that The Economist’s ranking of Slovenia among the 23 OECD members in the unlikely second place in terms of the success of the economy in dealing with the epidemic should be so deliberately ignored? It is also telling by other similar and non-random facts that Slovenia has been ranked fifth among the safest countries in the world since last year, when it improved its ranking. In tourism, it is already one of the most recommended tourist countries in the world. What should we say? Long live Slovenia!

Really great, ground-breaking successes of our homeland in the difficult conditions of the pandemic. Obviously, the above-average successful government of Janez Janša took action, but Slovenes must not rejoice in this, they must not appreciate this government and the Prime Minister and be aware of the better life given to them after communism. And God forbid that we re-elect the parties of such a successful coalition. If, in theory, our incompetents had succeeded in this way, with what pomp they would have been immortalised in all their public media, we would have sung about their glory day after day.

The constant refrain of Slovene non-democracy in the face of such extraordinary successes is all the more illogical opposition to cooperation with the Prime Minister, his SDS party, the Democratic Coalition and thus half of Slovenia. Thus, the KUL parties say directly that they are not compatible with democracy, not to mention their ability to run the country. What they have, as a communist imperative and inherited from the Kučan family, is the number one enemy of the state, and with him the only real anti-Janša programme. And what else does the truth endure? In the post-election period, they called themselves “an alternative to the government’s disruptive policy”. Again, lie after lie, claims without evidence, hatred, role swapping, notorious immorality. Janez Janša is now once again inviting all parties that will come to parliament to participate, he is offering them a partnership for development for the fourth time, which was last adopted by Jelinčič’s SNS.

An exemplary example of non-cooperation is the first party member and supreme mobster of the deep state, Milan Kučan, whom Janez Janša has repeatedly called for a public confrontation, but which he constantly avoids. Why? Because he has no arguments against democracy, against the truth, with lies, with entanglement with fascism and dictatorship, he can only act from the position of force, violence of the Kumrovec school, with the help of his public media. When he is without this help, he is afraid that Janez Janša will expose him to the public as an undemocratic and a liar, the former head of the Slovenian Udba, with whom the mobster organised the Depala vas and Patria scandals, he fears the arms scandal at Maribor airport, purchases weapons in Israel and many other things that burden him greatly.

Where is the evidence of a Democrat being a dictator?

And let’s be completely specific again, to which real dictator can you threaten with death and his family and stay alive? Let them try with Putin in his police state, 21st century Hitler and the barbarian who is destroying European civilisation. He is already guilty of the murder of journalist Ana Politkovska, who relentlessly criticised him, the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko with radioactive polonium, who criticised him in two high-profile books, and the poisoning of father and daughter Skripal in the UK in 2018, who were barely rescued, the assassination of Boris Nemtsov, an organiser and speaker against Putin’s re-election seven years ago, and the recent poisoning of opposition politician Alexei Navalny with novichok, whom they managed to save. Not to mention perhaps the communist leadership of the traditionally severely impoverished and bloodily repressed Cuba, the Venezuelan Maduro, who wreaked havoc on previously successful Venezuela with utter misery and violence, and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un with repression and full prisons, not to talk about China and its totalitarian repressive methods with millions. And now tell us loud and clear how many did the dictator Janez Janša poisoned, how many he had killed, how many he imprisoned, how full are the prisons with opposition politicians? How many media outlets did he close, how many editorial offices did he control, how many editors did he dismiss, how many journalists did he imprison? How did he impoverish Slovenia after more than seventy years of visual communism and your post-communism? Evidence, where is the evidence? Or step on real ground and stop humiliating yourself with your lies.

Another saviour

When the deep state had already given up on the incompetent and quarrelling kul members, a kind of secret body of the deep state chose a new hope, a new saviour, a new face that is fifth and foremost beautifully transparent in the same role as his incompetent predecessors. They chose Robert Golob. And following these predecessors, at that moment he also became the first and most important party man in Slovenia (just as he will soon be forgotten). As we read in a detailed letter from retired SD member Rudolf Horvat to the KUL party presidents, the tactic was to collect centre votes, i.e., left and right, as a centre-right politician, which he himself spoke about, and add them to KUL for the final victory.

A comprehensively organised action of the left forces took place on all sides until the shock came, because the new candidate was not confirmed for another term at GEN-I, and he made a mistake when he described the right as fascist. The centre ground was over in an instant, the deep state wanted the project to end. However, the first party member was still pushing him forward, apparently as a last resort, because he no longer believed in incompetent and quarrelling Kul members, and now even in their horror, because the newly enthroned Golob will take away their votes and because their two parties are threatened with loss from the National Assembly.

Golob did not register his party, has no programme, no team, or any members, he is not in public, but until recently he had a higher salary in the state-owned company for electricity distribution than the American president, noted Vinko Gorenak. All this was obviously so incredibly encouraging only in Slovenia for the formation of the public opinion poll that a new face was shot to the top of the scale, especially in front of the SDS. As if the leftist was taking the votes on the right, that is the SDS, and not from the left. Did the fascists vote for him? Polls in Slovenia do not measure public opinion but create it. They are a projection of our desires. The reality after the elections is usually different, we expect that it will be the same this time.

The “central” leftist and persecutor of fascists soon unequivocally confirmed his godfathers with an accusation that “the work of the police is the result of this policy of hatred and schism” (in the Tarča show on TVSLO on February 10th, 2022). Police officers are not to blame, but the “leadership” is, which leads to the “police state” (by appointing the present Minister of the Interior Aleš Hojs as the “Police Minister”). Hate and schism or a classic example of role swapping. Later, he did not miss the opportunity to declare that he would not cooperate with Janez Janša, he also chose the vice president, who as a judge (!) accused the prime minister of being a dictator. The party president confirmed this accusation of the number one enemy of the state. There is no doubt: people with bad intentions stick together.

To conclude, we find that all this insults, incitement, accusations, lies, hatred, role swapping and thus immorality with a long tradition mean powerlessness before the truth. They cannot oppose it calmly and without insults with arguments. They are powerless, so they are violent. They are also powerless because negative selection has done its thing, they are basically incapable of running the country. How much longer or when will the Slovene democratic majority overlook the new undemocratic faces?


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