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Even before the election results were published, journalist Nataša Markovič publicly announced a “massacre” on public RTV

By: Domen Mezeg /Nova24tv

“Even before the announcement of the election results of the journalist from Tarča, RTVSLO is publicly announcing the massacre on RTV Slovenia…” the investigative journalist Požar responded to the ominous request (pressure) of the socio-political worker of the public house – Markovič.

The first reactions of prominent representatives of the transitional left (elected representatives in the National Assembly are just the tip of the iceberg, while most are “immersed” in the media, judiciary, prosecutor’s office, NGOs, state institutions, state-owned companies, etc.) show its actual attitude towards democracy and the representatives of the opposing political camp, who think differently. This is evidenced, among other things, by the scandalous note of RTV Slovenia journalist Nataša Markovič, even before the announcement of the election results: “I expect the collective resignation of the management, appointed editors, and their journalists.

All of you who have been promoted to 45th pay grades, all of you who have received bonuses, all of you who have participated in these comedies that we have suffered in the shadows and on sick leave. Resignation. This is not my rtv!” No, RTV Slovenia really is not “hers”, although she is convinced of that, and although some old aces, including Marcel Štefančič, behave in this way. The public institution belongs to those who finance it from their own pockets, that is, the taxpayers. However, Markovič is not the only one who thinks so. It is only a symptom of a broader transitional mental pathology.

Representatives of Kul also proved to others how much they respect diversity in the last pre-election confrontation of this media house (allegedly in collaboration with some journalists, such as Igor E. Bergant, as Bojan Požar states), when they turned the show into real chaos while hypocritically pointing fingers to the opposite side. In this way, RTV journalists also show their attitude towards colleagues who do not share their worldviews, such as Igor Pirkovič, who led a concrete pre-election confrontation.

The double standards of some public house’s journalists: When they harass Možina and Pirkovič, they look the other away

Let us also remember how hypocritically they remained silent when another colleague, Jože Možina, was brutally harassed, and how they jumped up when SDS champion Janez Janša set up a mirror for Milan’s prostitutes. One of them – Mojca Pašek Šetinc, even got involved in parliamentary politics, which dispels any illusions about her “independence”. By the way: she is entering parliament on the list of a man who cultivates a similarly discriminatory attitude towards unloved media and journalists – Robert Golob.

Recall that this is a man who says that he is (in Putin-like way) fighting against “fascism”, and that he would cancel the media he dislikes, such as Nova24TV, even though he once proudly appeared in them (in Tema dneva with host Luka Svetina). But even if he managed to silence the critical voice and rehabilitate the party’s unanimity in this area, the words of the last party leader Milan Kučan, who publicly rejoiced at the election results, seem to be in place: “Today dreams are allowed, but tomorrow is a new day”.

“Today dreams are allowed, but tomorrow is a new day”: Corona crisis, rising prices, Ukraine, and international scandals

Post-election euphoria will not last. The ice under the “donkey’s feet” will sooner or later break again and ice sobering will occur, as with all “new faces” so far. Golob is burdened by countless affairs that cannot be hidden because they have gained an international dimension. The bad karma of his “business” to the detriment of the Serbian branch of Gen-I, with Kosovo Ambassador Martin Berishaj standing by his side, will not be forgotten, regardless of domestic reports. As a result, some are already predicting that in time he may be replaced by Marta from the famous “mafia” family Kos (her brother is uncle from the background Drago Kos, a key actor in Depala vas affair, whose wife Tjaša Slokar Kos reigns on POP TV, while son Andraž Kos at the Parapolitical Institute March 8th).

At the same time, Golob will have a lot of work to do to prove himself. Hard times are coming. It will be interesting to see whether his policy is more “humane” during the aggravated epidemiological situation than Janša’s and how he will prove himself on the international political stage given the lack of foreign policy experience (whether Marta and Tanja Fajon from SD will do everything for him), and he will be afraid of even speaking in front of MEPs, like the failed politician Marjan Šarec? A good knowledge of “electricity” is not enough. We must not forget the war in Ukraine, the brutal rise in prices of basic necessities and other economic challenges that will abound. We are already “dancing” in anticipation of favourable solutions for Slovenia and its citizens.


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