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Ethical question: Swiss citizen for Slovenian president?

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By: Domen Mezeg/  Nova 24TV

The candidate of Gibanje Svoboda party for president of the country, Marta Kos, is running as a Swiss resident, who also pays taxes in this country. Many are of the opinion that this is a unique case, which will not go down well with Slovenian voters. She has severed many ties with her homeland, currently she only has a temporary residence in Slovenia, even during the campaign she returns to Switzerland.

Presidential candidate Marta Kos confirmed in her own words that her heart actually beats for Switzerland and not exactly for Slovenia, where she is running for president of the republic. All indications are that her intention is not sincere to her potential voters. If she is not elected, she will simply retreat back to the mountain paradise, among the glaciers, pastures, and cowsheds.

Then she is only concerned with prestige. For her, the position of president is just the icing on the cake (read her career), and she would have “sucked up” a few thousand more by the way. As can be seen from her conversation with the portal Siol, she has a permanent residence in Switzerland, where she also pays taxes. Therefore, she had to show FURS that she has no economic or personal interests in Slovenia.

The matter is otherwise very difficult to prove. Even if someone has a house in Slovenia that they can inherit, it is an economic interest. As can be understood, would she only return to her homeland and pay taxes here as the president of the republic? There is also the question of why she does not disclose her tax returns and the income of the Swiss company where she is employed. As is known, she also has a husband in Switzerland, but her temporary residence is still in Ljubljana.

With her election, the influential Kos clan would be strengthened with the presidency

Remember: we have already reported that she is a former informant of the SDV (Udba) and a prominent operative of the infamous Forum 21, the “nest” of Milan Kučan and many transition tycoons. She is also a member of the unique female “freemasonry” Ona Ve and the influential Kos family. Her brother Drago Kos is the uncle from the background of Pro Plus (POP TV, 24 hours, A channel), where through his wife Tjaša Slokar Kos influences the reporting of this media conglomerate.

He is also one of the prominent actors of the Depala vas affair, when an attempt was made to morally destroy the then Minister of Defence Janez Janša. With her election, the influential clan and the Gibanje Svoboda party would gain another position in the country, which was resisted even by the first uncle from the background Kučan and another former party functionary, Danilo Türk, who preferred to support Nataša Pirc Musar as a presidential candidate.

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