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Friday, September 22, 2023

Corona fools even brought children to the protests – when ignorant parents do not care that they can kill their grandparents and even younger ones!

By: Sara Bertoncelj /Nova24tv

The Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote on Twitter: “Harvest of intolerance, hatred and corona idiocy during a rich sowing directed by RTV Slovenia and 24UR,” and quoted the title of the article on the MMC portal that in Maribor a multi-hundred crowd was exclaiming: “Masks down, and the government to prison!” The protesters, who were without masks and security distance, brought Slovenian flags and banners with various slogans with them. Among other things, they also wrote “today we have lessons in a furniture store,” and some protesters also brought children with them.

A crowd of protesters gathered on the Main Square in Maribor on Saturday and Sunday to protest against the government’s measures. As can be seen from the photos and footages, did not wear masks nor did they consider physical distance. Večer newspaper even reported that the participants sang the Day of Love in an embrace, and the police officers were supposedly only observing the event, only every now and then a warning was heard through a megaphone. Later, an even larger number of people joined the group of protesters in the Main Square, and together they went to Freedom Square and shouted: “Masks down, and the government to prison!” The Police said that they had properly documented and recorded the unreported rallies, and based on the secured videos, they would identify the violators and send them payment orders for violating government decrees and thus the Infectious Diseases Act.

One of the loudest speakers at the Maribor protest is said to be the founder of the Viole Maribor, Roman Križnjak. Križnjak was also a member of the Styrian Guard, but then seceded from it and formed his own paramilitary group. Andrej Šiško also distanced himself from him, as the group and Križnjak decided to defend more extreme positions. Križnjak has been on the dock several times due to fan violence. The MMC portal also mentioned that several civil initiatives joined the protests, including the civil initiative Otrok ne damo (“We Do Not Give Children”) and Maske dol (“Masks Down”). Their goal was to raise awareness, connect, and defend human identity. Well, they have obviously succeeded in connecting, but it would have been much better if they made people aware of the importance of respecting the measures. Without it, we will not get rid of the virus for a long time – so sometimes there is even a doubt whether the protesters want to get rid of it at all. Namely, they are acting in the exact opposite.

“As far as it could be seen, it was a very colourful group of protesters, with different ideas, beliefs, and backgrounds. What they all have in common is that they have had enough of anti-corona measures and that they are quite angry at the situation we found ourselves in,” TV Slovenia reported, as if we do not all have enough of the virus, measures, and the whole situation we found ourselves in due to the epidemic. But the fact that the virus is still present and that it will still be present for some time, unfortunately, cannot be ignored. Protesting most definitely will not drive away the virus, but of course it can easily happen that it will only spread it more. Especially with hugging, singing, and disregarding anti-corona measures.

“Corona fool who abuses his child in the protest. Anywhere else in Europe, you would face a fine, which you would be repaying for a few years,” warned journalist Vinko Vasle. From the expression on the face of this child, we can only guess what all the parents are instilling in her head at home, and from afar it is unfortunately clear that nothing is overly positive. Which is quite sad, considering that they could give a much greater favour do the child if they instilled in her some resistance to stress, so that even later in life she would be able to cope with hardships, anxieties, and stressful situations in general. Namely, the ability to cope with unpleasant circumstances depends to a large extent on the environment in which the child grows up in.

In the spirit of the banner with the inscription “Today we have lessons in the furniture store”, a post appeared on Facebook, in a group of teachers. An unnamed teacher sarcastically wrote that next week classes would take place in a particular furniture store – she was upset that the mentioned store was open while classes were held at a distance. In the end, she added a not very educational hashtag #Iamgoingfuckingcrazy. On social media, of course, she reaped a wave of outrage, just who would want his child to be taught by a teacher with this kind of vocabulary?

The measures are extremely important for everyone’s health!

The Maribor Police Administration communicated that, unfortunately, even on Sunday, some participants in the rally did not heed the calls to respect the prescribed measures, put on masks, and to not socialise. “We point out, however, that unlike Saturday’s protest, the majority of citizens understood and followed the advice of the police and did not bring children to the protest,” they wrote. At the same time, they stressed that their work in no way interferes with the rights of individuals to assembly and freedom of expression, but it is necessary to understand that the ordered measures are extremely important for the health of all, so they must be taken into account.


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