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Monday, September 25, 2023

 Branko Grims on incoming migrants: “Today in Sombor, tomorrow in your yard”

By Tanja Brkić (Nova24tv)

“Today in Sombor, tomorrow in your yard. The government is already removing the protective fence, and they have understood this invitation”, SDS MP Branko Grims wrote on Twitter, commenting on a video from the town of Sombor, a Serbian town not far from the Hungarian border, where clashes between migrants and their devastation have become a daily routine.

Just recently we reported on the ever-increasing number of migrants who were caught at the border between Serbia and Hungary, and what was most shocking, they were armed to the teeth. Several police units had to intervene, including a special unit, the Gendarmerie. In the town of Kanjiža, around 1,500 of them have already been recorded, which is why the local population has also asked the police for help, and some are even considering moving out of town. That the situation is getting more and more serious has been emphasised several times by MP Branko Grims, who published a video of what is currently happening in the Serbian town of Sombor.

According to Serbian media reports, residents of towns near the border claim that the situation with migrants is becoming more and more serious, as migrants are said to be entering inhabited houses in the middle of the day, thefts are taking place, there are more and more migrants, and they are also increasingly aggressive. The video posted on Twitter by SDS MP Branko Grims also proves the latter, which is extremely worrying and confirms the fact that the news about the removal of the wire fence is only an “invitation” for illegal migrants. “Today in Sombor, tomorrow in your yard. The government is already removing the protective fence, and they understood this invitation”, wrote Grims.

Recently, dozens of weapons and fake documents were found on the railway and near the railway station in the city of Subotica. There were even attempted rapes at the main bus station, wrote Novosti media company.

Citizens are signing a petition for tighter security

All this led to a petition, with which the people of Subotica demand even greater security of the borders and a ban on the entry of migrants into the country. 10,000 signatures are needed for the requests to enter the parliamentary procedure, and this campaign will supposedly be extended to the surrounding cities that have problems with migrants. They demand the establishment of a 35-kilometer border zone from the border with Hungary, which has already erected several types of fence, and they are expected to announce additional protection. In addition to everything, the Hungarians also announced the deployment of several thousand policemen and members of the army, even volunteers, who will be trained to help guard the southern Hungarian border, which, on the other hand, means an even larger force to guard the Serbian border.


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