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The left threatens European security

By: mag. Tadej Ian

It is one thing when radical left-wing ideologies make people’s lives miserable because of the mainstream media madness, bizarre statements by left-wing politicians, and poor political decisions that diminish the well-being of the people. And it is something completely different if the left’s ideologically political madness threatens the security of citizens and the state.

Security is both the foundation and the first condition of quality human life and progress. If security is lacking or threatened, life becomes full of fear and people are constantly expecting potentially catastrophic events. A society whose member does not feel safe, stagnates or languishes. Therefore, security should not be taken lightly.

Today it seems that we are relatively very safe in Europe and Slovenia. The only exceptions are the occasional terrorist attacks, which, in the form they occur now, affect only a handful of people. Of course, even the tragedy of only a few individuals must be prevented in any way, but in the article we are talking about completely different threats – those that threaten the vast majority or all of the people in an environment, in this case European.

The left is corroding our security

The biggest mistake of the left in terms of security is internationalism. Traditionally and actually, it is the (national) state that nowadays primarily cares about the safety of citizens. And that is exactly what is burdening the left politically. Namely, leftists tend to connect with like-minded people across (national) borders. That is why the borders are obtrusive for leftists. Recently, when it seems like the left has established ideologically cultural hegemony in Europe and North America, mainly through educational institutions and the mainstream media, which it exploits for an attempt of total political domination over those with different opinions, the (national) state clearly came into the mix for proceedings of the political left-wing. It is not just about forcing globalisation and international economic migration, which is about forcing the internationalist left agenda that was already written into the genes of leftists by Marx, but it is about trying to knock down traditional institutions because leftists think that they are strong enough to demolish them. But this is not only a kind of political greed, but also short-sighted insanity.

Namely, institutions have been evolving and reinforcing for centuries or even millennia, and they were not established just like that or without some meaning just because something has to be. The primary purpose of institutions is to make people’s lives easier and better. If we demolish them without having a better replacement for them, we endanger the quality of people’s lives. The state has many tasks, but probably its most important task is to ensure security. Over the centuries, countries have established mechanisms that we know very well and we think of them as self-evident, and sometimes even somewhat disruptive considering the interests of the individual. Thus, sometimes we forget why they are useful. The army, police, state borders, and diplomacy are state institutions that are primarily dedicated to security. The army takes care of security against an external aggressor. The police maintain public order and prevent domestic and foreign subversive elements, such as terrorists. State borders prevent free passage, wherewith the state exercises control over the movement of people, capital, and goods, which is also one of the conditions for security. And diplomacy is a way of peacefully resolving disputes and peacefully preventing threats to the state. And all these institutions would be abolished or disabled by leftists because of internationalism.

Europe’s radical leftists want all of the borders of the world to disappear and that all people could come and go as they wish. They want the army to be eliminated or at least minimised and neglected. They are bothered by the domestic police because it is allegedly a threat to an individual’s freedom and creativity as a repressive body. Radical leftists see diplomacy primarily as a means of dominating internationalism by putting pressure on countries that have right-wing governments and reject left-wing madness. This can nowadays be very evident in the pressure of most EU members on the sovereignty of Poland and Hungary. We have already written that the European moderate left is radicalising or shifting to the European political center. But even in the latter case, it is not immune to certain far-left ideological patterns, creating the illusion that the European political center also supports left-wing ideological constructs.

But in all these activities with which they want to shape the world in accordance with their ideological doctrine, radical leftists forget about security, which is crucial for any society if it wants to have functioning systems, even if these systems are based on radical left ideology. With demolition or disabling the aforementioned traditional institutions, the modern European left is thus already paradoxically destroying itself in the future.

Threats to European security

In the past, leftists have understood all too well that the army, police, borders, and effective diplomacy are the basis for the survival of their system, even if it was so unfriendly to domestic citizens or actually precisely because of this. This was the case in the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, and it is still the case today in North Korea and China, where radical left-wing relics from the 20th century are still preserved.

However, the modern European left does not understand that with the weakening of its own army and unfavourable demographic trends that are already working against Europe, Europe will become vulnerable to the southern and south-eastern Muslim neighbours, where radical Islam, which is also hostile to the left European ideas, is growing. In addition, European leftists support the import of millions of economic migrants, mostly of the Islamic religion who, with the escalation of Europe’s conflict with Islamised Erdoğan’s Turkey and some Arab countries, could represent the fifth column in Europe. Lameness of European politics or the reduction of their powers in relation to radical fundamentalist Islamic migrants, who in Europe exert violent pressure on indigenous Europeans and even terrorist attacks, means a long-term threat to Europe both internally and externally. That is because the Islamic community sees, inside and outside Europe, that Europe is giving in to Islamic fundamentalism and thus showing its weakness. In this context, the ignorance of leftists towards the instrument of state borders (here it does not even matter whether it is about internal state or external European or Schengen borders) can be seen, with which Europe could stop for its useless economic migration from Asia and Africa.

With the escalation of current trends, which are a threat to security, and the reduction of budget money for security or the army could, in a few decades or even earlier, pose a serious external and/or internal threat to the security of every European. The situation is even more problematic in the light of the Chinese virus pandemic, as Europe is currently the most affected area in the world due to its lifestyle, which will certainly be reflected in the economic sphere, making it even harder to channel enough energy and money for European security. Given recent developments in the US, which are becoming increasingly politically unstable as well as economically affected by the epidemic, and given the growing strength of China, which is a fierce American economic and probably soon military rival, it could happen Europe, in military terms, will no longer be able to count on its traditionally strong ally and will be left to fend for itself. In the event of left-wing ideological domination in European political institutions, this would almost certainly be fatal in the light of internal and external threats, and could lead to the fall of Europe as we know it.


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