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Sunday, June 4, 2023

The incredible hypocrisy of the March 8th Institute water fighters: They do not fight for drinking water because “they are not experts in this field”

By: Tanja Brkić (Nova24tv.si)

Quasi fighters for the people have failed completely when it was necessary to speak up for really important things. The “Water Fighters” from the March 8th Institute, who raised the whole of Slovenia to its feet two years ago because of water, today remain silent in the face of the illegal and harmful construction of the C0 channel. Why, they wrote on Twitter: “The reason is simple. We are not experts in this field”, was to say the least the most hypocritical record in the history of their existence. Firstly – they were not experts in anything they had advertised for (countless times) so far, but that did not stop them, and secondly – you do not need to be an expert to know that drinking water is important – common sense is enough, but for them this apparently missing.

Internet users are wondering where the fiery fighter Nika Kovač has gone, who practically became famous overnight with her fight for water. Why does she not come forward today when drinking water is actually at risk. Well, the public got the answer – “they are not experts in this field” (read: we do not benefit from it), which they also admitted between the lines in their record. The fact that they are not experts has so far not stopped them either from collecting signatures or from submitting various bills. Nika Kovač even became the head of the strategic council for hate speech, about which she knows as much as any other person on the street. The excuse that “they are not experts in this field” is one big deception and literally making fun of people who fall for such nonsense.

In the eyes of the public, Slovenia is becoming a banana republic where sheriffs are allowed to do whatever they want, even if it is illegal. And not only that, the authorities and official law enforcement agencies are even cooperating with the Mayor of Ljubljana, Zoran Janković. We would have expected Nika Kovač and her infamous Institute to speak out “on behalf of the people” this time, but she is silent, and she has found the most pathetic excuse for her silence. “The reason is simple. We are not experts in this field. In addition, we have taken on many projects at the Institute, but our capacities are limited and, unfortunately, we do not have a magic wand to save the world in one fell swoop”, they wrote on Twitter, among other things.

Their record is not only completely illogical, because everyone knows that you do not need to be an expert to be aware of the importance of clean drinking water, but it is mocking people at the highest level. It is no wonder that their post was followed by a series of comments, such as: “But for television, public finances, taxes, labour legislation, water, gender theory, Nika and the army @8Marec are experts?”, “I have not seen such hypocrisy in while!!! You are one of the biggest shames for our country!” the user wrote, followed by many similar ones.

“It is nice that you finally admit that you are not fighting for clean drinking water, but only for money”, “Yes, can Nika report anything more stupid? You are not a shit distribution system expert. But you were an expert on water, @8Marec? You should better be quiet, because your silence about the shit distribution system is so transparent that it should open the eyes of even the most visually impaired. You are one big bluffer who lives comfortably at the expense of the fools who support you. But there are fewer and fewer of such fools every day,” wrote one of the Twitter users.

“We are asking environmental organisations and experts what further activities could be. Their opinions differ. We are still dealing with the content and getting opinions”, among other things, the March 8th Institute wrote on Twitter.

Common sense is enough to know that the fight against the construction of a sewage channel through the drinking lake is a big enough indicator of which side you should take in this case. You do not need expertise even when you know that the channel is being built without the necessary permits, but obviously all this is not enough for Nika Kovač to organise meetings and collect signatures this time as well. A defender of the environment and democracy, who is everywhere, refused even when Janković’s policemen arrested the owner of the land and took him off his own land. She did not shed a single tear, emotional and scared as she was. One would think that, if not out of professionalism, at least out of compassion, she would come to the defence of a man whose rights were violated, and that in front of the public. And even then she remained silent – unlike Merima Sarajlija, a prominent member of the Institute and at the same time also a member of the SD party (by the way – did they not claim to be an apolitical institute?), who even declared that she was “glad that the protester was handcuffed, that he will no longer show off around her settlement”. She accused him of “mixing shit in local politics” and that he “inherited an infinite amount of land”. She said that “he had been preparing this filthiness for four years”, and now, as she put it vividly and meaningfully, “Golob’s police” was to blame. She also said that she made many phone calls and finally realised that “Zoki was right” about C0.

“Zoki is right.” This is a summary of the opinion of the entire March 8th Institute. Zoki is right because it is so beneficial for them. They cared very little about water two years ago, and they care very little about drinking water today. The fact is that the water referendum was just a dirty campaign against the government of Janez Janša and a springboard to protect the appetites of the young socialist cream, and today is no different.

How many experts do they have to ask for their opinion at the Institute if the facts are on the plate. It is about drinking water and Janković has no legal and formal basis for completing the C0 channel. Their claims about “asking the experts” are lies and, as they said, “the reason for their inaction is simple” – they do not need any arguments for their silence, a wave of Janković’s hand is enough and that is it. The goal is to defend the actions of the leftist mayor at all costs, even if he illegally constructs and indirectly carries out violence against citizens. We all know how without all these necessary opinions of experts and without real arguments, they would parade in the streets if this were happening in Janša’s government, and the mayor would be Logar.

The self-serving and lying March 8th Institute does not need expertise, the two essential virtues it lacks are dignity and common sense. The shortcomings of all lefties.


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