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Saturday, June 3, 2023

Portal Politico continues with the extreme leftist attack on our country and ignores official data!

By: Aleš Ernecl /Nova24tv

Politico has apparently decided to sink its own boat and go ahead with a boat of far-left opinion. After the “Lili Bayer affair”, they have now published another article in which they defame the Slovenian government on the basis of false news from Slovenia.

In the latest article, this time signed by William Adkins, Politico refers to a report by the Civil Liberties Union, an organisation working with Soros’ infamous “Open Society” to spit on the Slovenian government as a dictator again. Narrative? Some governments have used the pandemic as a shield against media criticism, reducing the freedom of the media in addition to measures that already restrict citizens’ freedoms.

At about the same time, the Freedom House report came out, which is, of course, more right wing – libertarian (in economic terms) inclined. This report seems to be about another universe, another galaxy, not just another country. And yet it talks about the same thing, about Slovenia. Of course, Politico did not find it worthwhile to touch this report, at least to problematize it, to criticise it. They simply silenced it.

Far-left narrative of Politico

Politico writes, in the traditional manner of the far left, that the coronavirus pandemic in several EU countries has significantly “weakened” the rule of law. In doing so it referred to the European Union’s report on civil liberties, published on Tuesday. Report of the Soros’ branch.

It goes on to argue from the authority and writes that the report has been examined by 14 Member States across the EU and includes data provided in 2020 by human rights supervisors and other NGOs. According to Politico, the measures aimed at limiting the rate of coronavirus infections were either inadvertently or intentionally used ‘as an excuse’ to weaken democratic institutions. To find out something like this, you need a dividing line between intentional and unintentional, as unintentional means that the measures also had negative effects. Which all measures have. Always. Anywhere. The name “democratic institution” for institutions that, among other things, are engaged in censorship of certain citizens for taxpayers’ money – is somehow “lame”.

Show “Black Peter”

“Countries such as Hungary, Poland, or Slovenia have just used the pandemic to strengthen their existence of power and limit criticism of the government,” said Linda Ravo, a senior adviser to an NGO. Well, there we are. Politico’s article is in the service of repeating the same lie until people internalise it. As Orban and Poland have so far been portrayed as “black Peter” – it is now modern and to the delight of the Slovene fifth column that Janez Janša and his government are portrayed as “black Peter”.

The report later argues that attacks on the media and restrictions on public access to information are increasingly visible in “countries with a strong democratic tradition” such as France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. Either that or you, Politico, just a slightly above-average extreme left wing agitprop. If you observe a similar phenomenon everywhere, not only in Slovenia, Hungary, and Poland, I suppose you would do an analyses with more variables than with one and only one – with your narrative?


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