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Golobič’s trio revealed: Marjan Jarkovič, Janja Sluga and Jani Möderndorfer work in harmony!

By: Sara Kovač /Nova24tv

We have already reported on the “new party” of the left, Tomaž Vesel, which is also supposed to include a group of unaffiliated MPs, including Igor Zorčič. Creating this new party includes quite a bit of “experience” that Gregor Golobič certainly has with the Zares party. Setting up as many of their own people within the emerging party as possible. And this is happening now, so there is also a revelation of Golobič’s sleeping cells within the various parties of the left political option, reports Požareport.

One of them is certainly Marjan Jarkovič, who is less known to the public. For years he worked as an employee of the National Assembly and an operative of many political parties, always under the auspices of Gregor Golobič. He first appeared in 2008, when Golobič’s party Zares came to power, together with Borut Pahor and Katarina Kresal. Jarkovič then became the secretary of the Zares parliamentary group.

Later, Jarkovič again became an employee of the National Assembly and an adviser to the SMC parliamentary group under the direct patronage of the SMC MP, but again another Golobič’s man – Jani Möderndorfer, who for some time was with Zoran Janković, first as deputy mayor of Ljubljana and then as a member of the Pozitivna Slovenija Party, but as Požar reports he is still loyal to Golobič.

At that time, Jarkovič was supposed to be called “Jani Möderndorfer’s additional brain”. After leaving the SMC, Möderndorfer transferred to Šarec’s LMŠ, leaving Jarkovič to the leader of the SMC parliamentary group, Janja Sluga. Since then, Jarkovič has had an extremely strong influence on Janja Sluga’s decisions and moves to constantly brain wash her and that he is her connection to Möderndorfer.

Janja Sluga also left the SMC party, and Jarkovič with her, where he became the secretary of the Group of Unaffiliated MPs (Nep) of Igor Zorčič, Jurij Lep, Branislav Rajić and Janja Sluga. Throughout all this, Gregor Golobič, through Jarkovič, always had a detailed overview, first of the SMC, now of the unaffiliated MPs.

Jarkovič is also said to have convinced Janja Sluga that she opposed the convening of a parliamentary commission for the control of public finances, which would discuss the president of the Court of Audit, Tomaž Vesel. Sluga is said to have brought Jarkovič back to a special commission of inquiry into the alleged money laundering in NKBM and the alleged illegal financing of the SDS party, previously led by Möderndorfer and now led by the new leader of the SMC parliamentary group, Gregor Perič.

Vesel’s party planning

In the formation of Vesel’s party, the planned connection of unaffiliated MPs to the future Vesel’s party and the planning of transfers from the List of Marjan Šarec, the covert role of Marjan Jarkovič even becomes public. Thus, at the last session of the parliamentary committee for justice, when it came to the presentation of the candidate for the new Minister of Justice Marjan Dikaučič from the SMC, Jarkovič unjustly appointed Janja Sluga and Jani Möderndorfer at the same time, reports Požar. Although Janja Sluga and Möderndorfer are from different parliamentary groups, they are set by a common Golobič’s man. Jarkovič left the session soon after the departure of Janja Sluga and Möderndorfer.


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