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Former Minister Aleksandra Pivec is establishing a party with which she wants to connect Slovenia

By Sara Rančigaj (Nova24tv)

“A new and different politics is coming. A new political party is coming, which with courage, respect, solidarity, and bravely connection of people from all Slovenian lands will take care of the equal development of the whole of Slovenia,” wrote Aleksandra Pivec while announcing the establishment of a new political party. She wants to connect Slovenia with her party and do what she has already proven through her work – for the people.

Aleksandra Pivec took over the leadership of the DeSUS party in January last year, and after the arrival of the epidemic and the resignation of Marjan Šarec, she and the party showed a state-forming stance and joined the coalition of Janez Janša, which at the forefront had to fight the epidemic. Pivec took over the position of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture. She performed her function successfully, since she, among other things, negotiated a record European funds for the development of agriculture.

As she was part of the coalition with Janša, everything was done on the side of the opposition to shake the foundations of the government, to implement opposition’s plan, and to put Karl Erjavec at the head of DeSUS again. After the media assassination, she decided to resign as Minister because she thought it was best for everyone and took the time to think carefully about how to proceed. “After the media or political assassination, I took some time to think things through,” she said in December, explaining that after her departure from DeSUS, members began to leave en masse.

To regain power, KUL managed to appoint Erjavec as president of DeSUS, but their attempt ended in failure. Not only did Erjavec lose the support of his MPs, but he was not even elected Prime Minister. After a failed takeover, Erjavec decided to resign as president of DeSUS, leaving behind a ruined and divided party of pensioners. Unlike Erjavec, however, Pivec actually managed to do something for pensioners, as the government enabled crisis allowances and an increase in pensioners’ pensions. Meanwhile, Pivec regrets that DeSUS, as a party, has completely distanced itself from its substantive principles and substantive commitments under Erjavec’s leadership.

She decided to establish a new party, as she received a call from the field to start a new political option, which will be oriented in terms of content and without ideologies. “I have to say that I am not so surprised that some DeSUS members are turning to us. There is also a growing voice of people, either from my department, i.e. the countryside: farmers, foresters, fishermen, and also people who have not been strongly politically defined so far, but were looking for a content-oriented non-ideological policy. I am convinced that in this central political space, such a party is lacking,” she explained.

She will establish a new party under the slogan “For the people”

After some speculations and predictions, the former president of DeSUS, Aleksandra Pivec, decided to establish her own party, which with courage, respect, solidarity, and bravely connection of people from all Slovenian lands will take care of the equal development of the whole of Slovenia. Pivec will make her statement today at 16.30 on Tržaška cesta 65 in Maribor. You will also be able to follow the entire event via YouTube channel here.


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