24ur editor Tjaša Slokar Kos, otherwise the wife of Drago Kos, sends you greetings from BaH: As a collaborator of the Investigation portal of the Bosniak mercenary Avdo Avdić! After the disclosure, her name was removed from the list of collaborators!

Tjaša Slokar Kos (Photo: Facebook)

By: Luka Perš

In recent months, Rok Snežič has often been targeted in the mainstream media. They got the last bone for milling when the Bosnian intelligence service banned Snežič from entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. That the story was forged in intelligence circles, where Drago Kos – the husband of the editor of the 24ur news program Tjaša Slokar Kos – also has his fingers in the pie, is indicated by the fact that Slokar is an associate of the Istraga.ba media, whose editor-in-chief is Avdo Avdić. POP TV’s reporting refers to Avdić’s story. When we started researching the background, she miraculously “disappeared” from the website.

Slovenian media-intelligence couple Drago Kos and Tjaša Slokar Kos again systematically prepared the construct and wrapped it in media cellophane. As we have learned from the research, Slokar Kos is a collaborator of the Istraga portal, belonging to the Bosniaks journalist swindler Avdo Avdić, who has been proven to have cooperated with the Bosnian intelligence service several times. After the author of these lines revealed that a collaborator of Istraga is from Slovenia, she was immediately removed from the website today.

In the past, Bosnian media revealed a picture of Avdo Avdić and OSA director Osman Medmedagić. Avdić’s media Istraga was told to be a portal that was settling accounts with political opponents of OSA director Mehmedagić. In a short review on the website, we noticed that Avdić was a guest in the Slovenian central media several times.

Avdič is the duty writer for the director of OSA Mehmedagić, who expelled Snežič from BaH at the request of Drago Kos

As early as 2018, the Bosnian media Dnevno.hr revealed that Avdić had fabricated an affair about the Chief Prosecutor of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gordana Tadić. As is known, Avdić was in a long-term relationship with the chief prosecutor in Sarajevo, Dalida Burzić, and wrote a hostile article about her after the end of their relationship. According to Bosnian journalist colleagues in Dnevno, Avdič and Burzić were known, among other things, for drinking in Sarajevo bars. They also assumed that they were both cocaine users.

Avdić uses similar tactics of the victim as journalists in the main Slovenian media. The Bosniak “commissioned journalist” likes to explain in the company that they wanted to rape and beat him, but no one would ever touch him. His character and manner of work became known on the national television of BiH, which led to his dismissal.

The new revealed fact proves how low the Slovenian media are willing to go down in order to overthrow the current government. They export scandals from abroad, which they prepare themselves. This very case is proof that all cases of critical opinions from abroad at the expense of the current government are only part of the dirty left-wing media game.

We must not forget that after the start of the current government in March, articles in international left-wing magazines quickly began to appear. Most of the articles were written by Blaž Zgaga. The Slovenian Journalists’ Association activated all possible international media institutions, in which they cried that media freedom was over in Slovenia. Interestingly, when Aleksander Čeferin banned the show Faktor in court in 2017 due to revelations about his suspicious rise to the position of NZS president, none of the mainstream media found the act problematic. Double watts, nothing else.