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Sunday, October 1, 2023

The Germans will turn migrant camps into centres for violators of quarantine provisions

By: Aleš Ernecl (Nova24TV)

According to the new rules prepared by the regional authorities, Germans who refuse to quarantine after being exposed to covid will be detained in special centres or camps, which will be accommodated from some centres for refugees and migrants. While our mainstream media still promotes that our government is doing something unusual and dictatorial, we are presented as a model of good practice in Switzerland, and in Germany, in order to really eliminate the virus, they are considering quarantining violators – sending them to camps.

The eastern federal state of Saxony has approved plans to set up quarantine centres in a fenced-in part of the refugee camp, which are said to be built next week. The regional government claimed that the facility would only be used for people who repeatedly violated the rules of self-isolation.

An appropriate legal basis has even been prepared for the measure

Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany will use two hospital rooms guarded by police to detain repeat offenders. In Brandenburg, authorities will detain part of the refugee center, while Schleswig-Holstein will use the area inside the juvenile detention center. Legal experts told Die Welt that the provincial governments have the power to detain people for violating quarantine rules under the Disease Protection Act, which the German Bundestag passed last March and extended it in November. The plan was heavily criticised, with AfD MP Joana Cotar accusing the Saxon government of “reading too much Orwell”. The German authorities have been hit by their pandemic management, namely with proposals to introduce national vaccine mandates in order for the supervisors of the virus to label the opposition force as “social dynamite”.

All this is happening when Chancellor Angela Merkel is considering the introduction of a “mega lockdown” and the suspension of public transport, after triggering a public reaction in the UK, calling the “mutated covid” a “British virus”.


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