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Sunday, December 10, 2023

PM Orban: EU using migrants to offset missing members of the next generation is unacceptable

By: V4 Agency

Discussions have started in the EU about the future of Europe, which hinges on children, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Hungarian public radio (MR1) on Friday morning. The EU’s solution to offsetting “the missing members of the next generation” is welcoming migrants, which is utterly unacceptable, he emphasized, adding that the number of abortions in the country has fallen by 41 per cent, whereas the “catastrophically low fertility rate” has gone up. He added that the latter figure is still not sufficient, but “the stats are encouraging.”

PM Orban said that he understands and accepts those choosing an LGBTQ lifestyle, but – as they are the exceptions – regulations should not be adjusted to the minority. It is still unacceptable “for them to be telling us how to raise our children. Let them be content with living where policy is accepting of them and not hindering them in any way,” he added.

The premier said restoring the complete so-called thirteenth month [bonus] pension as soon as possible is an important measure. Pensioners will have gradually received all 4 instalments of the bonus payment in the next year. He emphasized that he was fighting to be able to stand before the populace in the next elections and say “what the Gyurcsany-Bajnai government took from pensioners, we gave back every last penny.” He called Hungary’s planned minimum wage increase of almost 20 per cent next year – the effects of which will be offset by tax cuts for small and medium-sized enterprises – unprecedented in modern Western European economies.

As of 1 January next year, the minimum wage will be higher than the average wage was during the Gyurcsany-Bajnai era, the prime minister noted.

Regarding the epidemic situation, he said that reintroducing lockdowns would be unfair to the six million vaccinated Hungarians, so if any restrictions are imposed, he proposes returning to the use of immunity certificate-based exceptions. He indicated that by the end of December, 17-18 million doses of vaccine will be warehoused and available in Hungary for anyone deciding to take the jab. Mr Orban expressed his view that the vaccinated majority should not be subjected to restrictions because of the non-vaccinated minority, as the former acted proactively to live freely.


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