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Friday, September 22, 2023

Only heaven knows…

By: Jože Biščak

Hamado Dipama says there is no word for a foreigner in his mother tongue. In Burkina Faso, from where he fled to Munich almost two decades ago, the term home is also understood differently: it is not a passport or a residence permit, but a place where you come and decide it will be your home.

As he was understood in an interview for the InfoMigrants portal, he is disappointed with Europe, which considers him a foreigner, and because Europeans do not understand the terms like the country just above the equator. In Bavaria, he therefore became a political activist for “social justice”, he is a co-organiser of the Pan-African Congress and a member of the city council for migration. His goal is to make Germans more “African” to adapt to other cultures. Everything else is racism. But being against racism alone is not enough, he raises his finger against white Germans. They must accuse themselves of being privileged in Europe. Dipama will show them if the path is right. “As a black man, you always have to be a leader,” he believes.

Dipama is not the only non-native newcomer in Europe to think so. There are millions of them already. They come mainly from Africa and the Arab world; mostly illegal. They have a similar tribal-nomadic mindset as the “new” Bavarian. That modern sovereign states separate the borders that you can legally cross if you show your passport is not recognised by them. They feel it is their right to go anywhere and stop wherever they please. Everything else is racial discrimination. Also religious. As a rule, the newcomers are Muslims, who will flood Europe even more in the coming months due to the situation in Afghanistan. In a similar way as years ago from Syria. They will want the West to allow them to practice their faith, so thousands of new ones will join the thousands of mosques and chapels because of the “subtlety” of the Liberals. And these people, as far as Islam is concerned, are no different from the Taliban.

Islam is their only right path

If they come to the West, that does not mean they have to live by the rules of Western democracies. To them, the only right path in life is shown by Islam, the words of the Prophet Muhammad are the ones they must live by, wherever they are, wherever their foot steps. For them, Europeans, although they will accept them with open arms, are infidels and atheists, whom good Muslims must first try to convert, but if that does not work, they must destroy them. Therefore, the mass acceptance of “fugitives” from Afghanistan, which would be accepted as quotas by individual EU countries (which is what the head of Luxembourg’s diplomacy Jean Asselborn and the president of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen want), is the promotion of suicide of (Christian) Europe, a repetition of the fatal mistakes that the West began to make half a century ago (the oil crisis) and then repeats them to this day, when with every crisis in the Middle East or Africa it breathes a sigh of relief: “Mea culpa.”

Since then, there have been completely confused people coming who did not want to integrate, nor could they with their mindset. They were disappointed, they fell into “psychological” problems, which they “alleviate” by raging around European capitals; The “Beirut” environment is closer to them than the views of the Louvre or Cologne Cathedral. In doing so, they are protected by the Geneva Conventions and Complementary Protocols, and there are promises to add “climate” and “food” migrants to the beneficiaries of Western relief. This will open the door to Africans even more, and we will be able to quickly change the name of the old continent to Afro-Arabia.

Europe is becoming unrecognisable

Western Europe (“core countries”) is becoming increasingly unrecognisable. It is not just an intrusion of foreigners and foreign cultures, but a loss of the ability of sober moral judgment in all areas of life, which in turn means the decline of some universal and collective values on which the peoples of Europe have built their lives. At the forefront of the repression of knowledge, family, achievement, Christianity, and freedom are the villains of multiculturalism, who find political support primarily on the left, although this benign indoctrination is rapidly spreading to the mainstream right as well. Unfortunately, but this needs to be acknowledged and said clearly and loudly. Not even Brussels is what it used to be and what it pretends to be, the application of Peter’s principle turns it into stinking swamps. Only heaven knows what disasters await us.

Jože Biščak is the editor-in-chief of the weekly Demokracija, a long-term investigative journalist, and since 2020 also the president of the Slovenian Association of Patriotic Journalists and the author of three books.


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