Illegal migrants wreak havoc in Western Europe

(Photo by STA/GPU)

By: V4 Agency

Italy and Spain have witnessed mass brawls between illegal immigrants, while an asylum-seeker has fractured the skull of an on-duty police officer in Hamburg, Germany.

Spain witnessed a mass brawl in its streets in broad daylight. Allegedly, those taking part in the clash were gang members fighting a turf war. A local resident has managed to film the incident and his video shows people charging at each other with sticks and iron bars.

In the Italian city of Milan, police were recently forced to intervene twice because of illegal immigrants, having to dissolve altercations in both cases.

Milan’s historic city centre is witnessing a rise in attacks and violent offences. Andrea Mascaretti, local representative of the Brothers of Italy (FdI) party, expressed her views on the growing wave of violence.

“Violence is on the rise in the downtown. The Dome and its surroundings have seen shootings and dog attacks, as well as knive-wielding madmen. The city council has asked the deputy mayor to explain why no action was taken to prevent such incidents, but we have yet to receive a reply.”

Councillor Mascaretti said he firmly believes the reason behind the increasing in violence is the municipality’s lack of control over the social centres that provide assistance to migrants.

Commenting on the growing violence, Milan Mayor Beppe Sala expressed his concerns about the mass brawls and the surging crime wave on 9 May.

Under the current circumstances, controlling the entire city of Milan is a complex task and “the plan, which we are implementing together with the prefect, aims to make the city more comfortable. However, it’s not easy to keep everything in check,” Mayor Sala said.

“Such incidents are clearly pretty frequent both in the city and across Italy, but discussing this topic would only escalate the situation, which would be disconcerting for us”, said the mayor commenting on the aggressive attack, during which the migrants hurled empty bottles at passers-by.

Earlier, in late May, two illegal migrants robbed two German tourists in Milan. The tourists sought help with a gendarme stationed nearby, leading to a massive search operation by officers to locate the suspect. When the officers found the suspects, they unleashed their dogs. As a result, one of the officers began firing shots and injured a woman.

Near Milan, two Pakistani men have kept a 19-year-old German girl locked up for months inside an apartment. They arrived in Italy together a few years ago, and the two men have repeatedly raped her. One of the men, aged 29, was the girl’s partner, while the other man, 36, lived with them. The girl finally managed to escape on 27 May. She asked a passer-by for help, who immediately alerted the police and escorted her to the Cesano police station.

The two men were detained and will be held behind bars at Riet prison during their trial, for reasons of precaution.

The number of incidents is also on the rise in Germany. In Hamburg, a 22-year-old illegal migrant was trying to wrestle a prostitute to the ground when police showed up and warned him to stop. In response, the Afghan migrant smashed one of the officers in the face. His colleague rushed in to help and tried to disarm the assailant using pepper spray, unsuccessfully. The migrant began to flee but police eventually detained him. One of the officers was taken to hospital with fractures to his skull.