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Ethically and morally burned out

Lea Kalc Furlanič (Photo: Demokracija archive)

By: Lea Kalc Furlanič

With the affair about the “questionable” diploma of the Slovenian Supreme Judge and his (un)response to journalistic questions about this document and even threats to journalists who want the truth, the man’s memory goes back to his studies at one of Ljubljana’s oldest faculties.

The professors who were in this temple of learning of old Slovene university life at the time were not forgiving with the students at all, instead of going smoothly, you “burned out” at the exams (especially with Professor Breda Pogorelec). Hard work, sacrifice and demanding and continuous study was then the only constant at this faculty. Therefore, it was difficult to get rid of the bitter aftertaste at the thought of it, only after several years it was replaced by the pride that only their own sweat brought them to the end of their studies and then to their career, which also serves hard bread, and a job is far from waiting at every turn.

If we were to measure the watts (also) as described, the conclusion is that the path of an average university-educated Slovene is not strewn with roses, quite the opposite. He must prove himself for most of his active life, which is a good basis for creativity and efficiency, but over the years it can become exhausting. At the same time, let us not forget the significant unemployment of university graduates, who write dozens of job applications but never get an answer.

And this is where the basic question of those who have neither the ethical nor the moral sieve when it comes to managing public employment begins and ends. The current case of the Slovenian Supreme Judge and the “association” around him that “enthroned” him is such skyrocketing. What the hell are these people – in addition to those responsible, also the so-called uncles and godparents – who, with extraordinary ease and without a shred of bad conscience, arrange services for their (political, kinship) protégés in one way or another? One is the recommendations, and the other is the deliberate handling of circumstances. And even worse is the epilogue, when, in a public office, they avoid showing the public evidence, a document legally required for the office they hold. Moreover, they threaten the public with lawsuits and even make fun of almost embarrassing facsimiles of proof of education. Such people are only ethically and morally burnt out, but unfortunately, they are still undermining the healthy foundations of our society, as many as there are left…

Lea Kalc Furlanič is a journalist for Demokracija and a former long-time journalist for Primorske novice.

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