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Sunday, December 10, 2023

A reflection of personal inner belief

By: Ivan Šokić

A year has passed since the first “spontaneous” protests against the possible government of Janez Janša began after the throwing in the towel of the former Prime Minister Marjan Šarec. Protests of those who were at that time, still employed in the direction of RTV Slovenia, who in their free time also work for the left wing activist NGO Today Is a New Day. Or vice versa, and the organisation of protests was directed by employees of the said non-governmental organisation, who in their free time appear every week on the Studio City show, where they have a regular column. With the left, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish what work is and what leisure is. After all – personal is political and political is personal.

In this year we were able to see everything possible and of course Janša is to blame for everything. Namely, he dared to form a coalition at a time when Šarec and his team were counting on preliminary elections. The fact that the main argument against the current Janša government is that the presidents of SMC and DeSUS promised in the last parliamentary elections that they would not go in the government with Janša, even though the SDS is the winner of the parliamentary elections, speaks volumes about how badly some are brainwashed. But this was promised by Miro Cerar and Karl Erjavec, not Zdravko Počivalšek and Aleksandra Pivec.

But when it comes to the plans of the left, it is a promise of the world and is passed down from generation to generation. As a result, the parties have been able to experience first-hand what it is like to be an SDS party in the last year. The pressures are coming from all sides at the same time.

And over the last year, we have been able to see the pressures escalating. We could see the mainstream media reporting on this. Throughout the year, we witnessed the openly hostile rhetoric of the street, which was further fuelled by the left wing media and endorsed by the leaders of the left wing opposition.

Due to his active non-participation in mixing shit, Dejan Židan had to leave the leadership of SD to Tanja Fajon, who masters the mixing of shit, but is not yet ready to give up the fabulous Brussels salary.

The first protest against a government that did not even exist was named “Against a coalition of hatred”. Since then, we have witnessed open calls for violence such as “Kill Janša!”, and when that was not enough the revival of the Yugoslav communist rhetoric against fascism began. New fascism “Janšism”. Death to all who do not oppose Janša. Do you think I am exaggerating? Let’s remember for a moment how many people were liquidated by the Yugoslav Communists in the name of the communist revolution during and after World War II. Let’s remember who Fajon went to pay homage to in 2020, together with Židan and MP Marko Koprivec. As Koprivec says, “we, who are the proud successors of the League of Communists.” Let someone convince me that it is a coincidence that Fajon bows in front of the statue of Boris Kidrič, lays wreaths for him, and participates in illegal anti-government protests, where the Yugoslav communist rhetoric such as “Death to Janšism, freedom to the nation!” is heard. In the eyes of these fools, the “Janšism” supporters are the new fascists. The fact that we have a centre-right government in Slovenia is an occupation for them and the occupier must be fought by all means.

They find support for their delusions in the media as well as in politics, the judiciary, and law enforcement. I am not going to waste time reliving the story of double standards because there are no double standards. It is a simple distinction between a friend and a foe. The blessing of the never performed Lustratio.

The government of Janša and the right wing in general like to repeat the mistake where they perceive all these left fools as confused, lost, and equal to themselves. They are people too, they tell themselves, convinced that if we just opened their eyes, everything would be different. Meanwhile, this same group of fools sees the right wing, the government, and everyone who deviates from the cult of madness as a number one enemy of the state. They do not see someone they could talk to. Their mind-set does not allow this.

Therefore, we should not be surprised when the left wing media advertise the organiser of violent protests, explaining to them how journalists can avoid beatings in the future, such as the photo reporter Borut Živulović experienced. You see, it is not their fault if they break someone’s jaw just because they accidentally mistaken him/her for a right winger. Next time make it clear that s/he is not a right winger and s/he will not be beaten. Simple. Or in the words of District Attorney Klementina Prejac: it is a reflection of personal inner belief.

Ivan Šokić is a philosophy student, editor-in-chief of the science fiction web portal and a publicist at Nova24TV. He is an expert in international relations.


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