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(VIDEO) Incredible battle scenes from migrant rush to Melilla

Photo: Screenshot


Incredible and shocking scenes in connection with the border storm that has already taken place by thousands of African migrants on the Spanish exclave are currently becoming public: Some migrants are lying on the ground, some unconscious or already dead, those who are (still) moving are beaten up by Spanish border guards.

Whether the Spanish border guards do not know what to do other than “intervene” with such excesses of violence against the storming of the border, or whether they have fallen into a kind of bloodlust, will certainly be the subject of investigations in Spain. Or not.


We save ourselves from making such assessments and perceive this as the result of a completely misguided migration policy. This migration policy sends a signal to people who want to come to Europe that it is enough to get here “somehow” and then you have “made it” – then you are there and then you will stay there.

Around 2,000 Africans wanted to join the EU in Melilla according to this scheme. If something like that happens at the same time, there is a border storm that takes on warlike proportions and the images that you then see, like now, are images that you see from war zones. This has probably always been the case since mankind existed, unfortunately it is reality. With an irresponsible migration policy, as practiced now, we will not get the problem under control – you can count on that. On the contrary: War-like conditions will also occur domestically in the future. A return to the rule of law would be the order of the day, both at the external borders and at home.

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