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Govt Says NGOs Can Stay in Metelkova

Metelkova mesto (Photo: STA)


After her predecessor launched proceedings for the eviction of several NGOs renting out the Culture Ministry’s premises in Ljubljana’s Metelkova Street, Asta Vrečko, the new culture minister, announced on Wednesday that the procedures would be terminated. The ministry has also cancelled plans to give the premises to the Museum of Natural Sciences.

Vrečko told the press after a meeting with the affected independent producers and organisations that her predecessor Vasko Simoniti and the previous government had pursued a fairly hateful discourse targeting NGOs.

While the ministry is aware of the infrastructure issues of the Museum of Natural Sciences, the ministry noted the building at Metelkova 6 had from the very start been intended for NGOs and that it needed to stay this way.

Vrečko announced the court proceedings meant to secure the eviction of 18 NGOs and six libraries would be terminated as soon as possible. Talks will probably also start in the summer on a much needed renovation of the building.

The director of the Peace Institute Iztok Šorli said on behalf of the users that today’s meeting inspired optimism. He expects the new government to secure better conditions for NGOs in Slovenia when it comes to infrastructure.

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