(VIDEO) A migrant harassed passers-by and then brutally slapped an elderly woman who sold domestic products

(Photo: PrintScreen/YouTube)

The video, which was most likely taken in Tuzla, in the Sjenjak block of flats, is spreading online. In front of the entrance to the office building was a migrant who provoked passers-by.

The witness of all the events was an elderly woman who was selling home-made products in the area in front of the building and is known to the locals. Then the migrant physically attacked her, too – see VIDEO.

The video provoked outraged reactions from Bosniaks, who are angry at their own indulgence towards migrants and their behavior.

There are many similar incidents, as around 7,000 illegal migrants are staying in BiH. Most of them are located in the west of the country, but many have also moved elsewhere, for example in Sarajevo and other cities, where the majority Muslim or Bosniak population is unfavorable to them due to their violent behavior.

Video HERE.