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Sunday, October 1, 2023

The children were hidden right in the trunk

By: Demokracija

Police officers on the Coast have again had their hands full working with illegals in recent days.

On Saturday, a personal car was stopped, in which the driver and co-driver, both Turks with regulated status in Germany, were illegally transporting a whole family of compatriots across the border. Due to the large family (four adults and five children), the car was completely jammed, so that some of the children were also transported in the trunk. The carriers, aged 40 and 32, are already in custody, and the procedure with the family of the illegals is not over yet.

Police arrested nine Pakistanis near Črnotiče and Ilirska Bistrica, eight Afghans in Gradišče near Materija and four Iraqis in Hrušica.

Nine Turks were captured in the area of Brezovica near Gradin, a group of eleven Afghans on the road from Poljane to Golec, eight Iranians in Sušak and three Turks in Podgorje. This morning, a group of 13 illegals from Afghanistan was caught near Podgrad.

In addition, in their proceedings the police have three more Eritreans, two Pakistanis and one Afghan, who were returned to our country by the Italians.

Proceedings with all illegals are still ongoing.


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