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Poland’s border guard: Still 10,000 migrants in Belarus


POLAND/BELARUS – According to estimates by the Polish Border Guard, there are still around 10,000 migrants in Belarus who want to enter the EU.

Directly at the Polish border fortification, there are currently no tent camps on the Belarusian side. “We do not know how many of them are right at the border, and how many are in the depths of the country,” a spokeswoman for the authority said on Tuesday.

Directly at the Polish border fortification, there are currently no tent camps on the Belarusian side. However, Lukashenko’s people regularly bring refugees to the border by truck.

Attempts by “aggressive foreigners” to invade Poland

According to Polish sources, the border guards registered 134 attempts to cross the border within 24 hours. Early Tuesday morning, near the village of Szudzialowo, a larger group of “aggressive foreigners” threw stones, metal bars and fireworks at Polish officials. Another such incident took place near the village of Mielnik.

Lukashenko: “People are hanging out in Minsk”

Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukashenko told the Russian state agency Ria Novosti that he had told acting Chancellor Angela Merkel in a phone call that he wanted to solve the “problem” by the end of the year. “People sometimes hang out in Minsk, sometimes in Grodno.” He will ask people from the Middle East to return home “because there will be no humanitarian corridor.”

Repatriation slowly

Meanwhile, a planned further repatriation flight of Iraqis from Belarus was cancelled at short notice. The plane of the Iraqi airline Iraqi Airways should have left for Erbil in the early afternoon, as the airport in Minsk had announced in the news channel Telegram. Why the flight did not take place, had not been said. Just last weekend, hundreds of migrants stranded at the EU’s external border were flown back to their homes.

Source: haolam.de


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