(PHOTO) Take a Look at What the “Engineers, Doctors, Writers, Nano-Technicians and Bionic Engineers” from Middle East and Africa Left Behind

(Photo: Krupljani)

On the request of the Inspectorate for the municipal public utility and construction, yesterday (12 November, TN) the police from Velika Kladuša forced the eviction of illegal migrants from the abandoned bus station, the Krupljani web portal reports.

The engineers, doctors, writers, nano-technicians, environmentalists and bionic engineers, who came to Europe from the Middle East and Africa, are leaving filth behind them in every place they stay. This is also the case in Velika Kladuša.

(Photo: Krupljani)

After they “took over” the “abandoned” bus station, filth started to gather there. The inspectorate had to mediate, which first required the owner (Agrokomerc) to take care of the situation. However, since this did not help, the police had to get involved in evicting the 50 illegal immigrants. Furthermore, there were frequent reports of brawls occurring at the bus station while the migrants lived there.

The responsible services had to carry out pest control, disinfestation and disinfection on the premises.

(Photo: Krupljani)