New migrant riot in Bosnia and Herzegovina

(Photo: YouTube)

By A.S.

A new riot broke out in one of the migrant centers nearby Sarajevo, the capital of Bosna and Herzegovina. At least two policemen and one employee of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) were injured.

The riot started on Wednesday night and a sufficient police force had to intervene. According to the available informations the riot broke out when the employees of the IOM tried to move one migrant, who instigated riots in the past, from the migration camp in town Blažaj near Sarajevo, to another location. “The migrant in question is in fact a leader of one of the migrant groups residing in the camp, and his fellow migrants violently tried to free him, after which a riot broke out”, the spokesperson of the police told the media.

Several police cars were damaged by the raging migrants, which can also be seen in photos of police vehicles turned upside down with a broken glass. The special police unit with dogs had to intervene. The local authorities have confirmed that several migrants were arrested due to violent behavior and are being investigated.

There are two camps for illegal immigrants near Sarajevo, with a capacity to host around two and a half thousand people.