Migrants Walk Along the Railway Track and Hide in Railway Tunnels

(Photo: Twitter)

The workers at FBiH Railways are warning of the large numbers of migrants travelling along the railway line, spotted in the Bihać area, reported the Bosnian web portal Biscani.net.

“The employees of the ŽFBH in the Bihać area were carrying out regular tasks on the railways when they met with the migrants along the railway line, in railway tunnels, overpasses, and bridges. These actions endanger their lives, especially if we consider the danger of a high voltage of 25,000 volts supplied by the railway contact network,” says Samir Alagić, the director of the Railway Infrastructure Area of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Bihać.

Alagić further states that the Administration of the ŽFBH reacts by regularly informing the members of the USK Bihać Interior Ministry about the locations and movements of the migrants, while the railway employees remove them from the railway line and warn them of the serious dangers.