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petek, 21 januarja, 2022

Migrants blow smoke into boy’s eyes to make him cry – video

By: V4 Agency

There’s nothing new under the sun: illegal migrants have been filmed using children to persuade border guards to allow them into Poland. They blew smoke straight into a little boy’s eyes to make him cry and used other children as human shields during their border crossing attempt. An eerily familiar scenario has already played out in the past, at the Hungary-Greece border.

A shocking new video, filmed at the Poland-Belarus border, depicts illegal migrants using children as human shields when they try to enter the EU’s territory. The migrants can be seen blowing smoke straight into a young boy’s eyes to make him cry (at 4:35 in the video) when speaking with the border guards, according to the wPolityce news portal.

The media presented the photo taken of the tearful boy as if Polish border guards had used tear gas.

This type of strategy is nothing new; it was also deployed by illegal migrants at the Hungarian border in 2015, but authorities at the Greek border have also witnessed similar tactics and incidents.

Back in 2015, photos relayed by the international press showed members of a migrant family lying on the rails with a baby near the Hungarian border, surrounded by officers in a seemingly threatening posture. The photo and the manipulated video went viral in the leftist-liberal media, which accused the Hungarian border guards of cruelty.

Later, however, when unedited footage came to light, it was clearly visible that the migrant father had deliberately pulled his own wife and baby onto the rail tracks to resist police action. The clip shows Hungarian policemen helping the mother to her feet and leading her off the tracks.

In March 2020, a video taken at the Greek border showed migrants scaring and hitting two young children to make them cry. Once they have been properly “prepared”, they scurried away – presumably to the press – so that journalists can take “heart-warming” photos of the weeping children.

“This is how you make kids cry at the border for the ‘right’ photos,” tweeted German model and journalist Anabel Schunke, who also attached a video to her post.

After all this, it comes as little surprise that the photos showing a crying child at the Polish border were taken by an activist, who also appears in Ms Schunke’s post.




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