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Afghans were found on the chassis of a train, a Ljubljana resident caught “smuggling” 8 illegal migrants

By: P.T., P.U.

During a thorough border control of a freight train transporting grain to Slovenia, police officers from the PMP Dobova found three Afghan citizens on the chassis, who were trying to avoid the border control and enter Slovenia illegally. After the procedure was completed, the foreigners were handed over to the Croatian security authorities.

The driver of a truck with Turkish license plates arrived at the Obrežje border crossing to enter Slovenia. Police officers carried out a border control and inspection of the truck. An Afghan citizen was found in the cargo area, who tried to avoid border control and enter Slovenia illegally. The foreigner was handed over to the Croatian security authorities.

Illegal crossings of the state border

While performing the tasks of guarding the state border near Lokve, police officers from the Črnomelj Police Department tracked down and arrested six citizens of Bangladesh who had illegally crossed the state border. Police proceedings on foreigners are still ongoing.

Illegal migrants dealt with in the area of the Koper Police Department in the last 24 hours

In the village of Rakitovec, the police dealt with 8 citizens of Iran, in Pregarje a citizen of Nepal, and in Dolenjski potok 2 citizens of Morocco.

At 3.30 pm, the police pursued a car with Koper registration plates, which did not stop at the Petrinje – Klanec road when instructed to do so by the police.

The vehicle was stopped in Klanec. The Seat Leon car was driven by 37-year-old man from Izola. Four illegal migrants were found in the vehicle, namely two Turkish citizens, an Iraqi citizen and a Kosovo citizen. The driver was ordered by the police to undergo an expert examination for drugs, which he refused, hence his driver’s license was revoked. They also seized a small amount of heroin from him. He will face criminal charges, but the procedures for dealing with the illegal crossing of the state border are currently still ongoing.

At 8.45 pm, the police received a report from an eyewitness, who said that he had noticed two vehicles with Gorizia and Ljubljana registrations plates at a turn below Harije in the direction of Podgrad, and that there were several people around the vehicles. The Peugeot 307 passenger car, registered in Ljubljana, allegedly drove off towards Ilirska Bistrica. Police tracked down the vehicle and arrested the driver, a 38-year-old Slovenian citizen from Ljubljana, as well as the passengers – 6 Iraqi citizens and 1 Eritrean citizen.

Afterwards, the police in Ilirska Bistrica tracked down a Mazda car, registered in Gorizia. There was no one in the vehicle. Subsequently, 4 citizens of Eritrea, 1 citizen of Syria and 3 citizens of Egypt were arrested close to Harije. A 34-year-old Slovenian citizen was also arrested near the vehicle.

All procedures are still ongoing.


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