What luck for Australia that they do not have Bobovnik, RTV SLO, POP TV there, who in an anti-government rage, are hoping for a bad picture of the pandemic!

Slavko Bobovnik (Photo: STA)

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

Retired long-time host of public RTV Slovenija Slavko Bobovnik wrote on Twitter that a friend from Australia informed him yesterday that Australia had not reported any new local cases of infection in the last 5 days. “And now I am waiting for the data for Slovenia, where 12 times less people live,” he added. It is more than obvious that he wanted to emphasise that in Slovenia, despite the measures, we have a much worse epidemiological picture. However, he apparently forgot the reasons why this is the case, namely that the climate in our country is completely different, as the mainstream media are strongly opposed to the government, and thus contribute to propagating non-compliance with protective measures necessary to curb the epidemic.

Ever since the current government took office, we have been able to observe how the public RTV Slovenija, for which all Slovenian households are forced to pay, reports with extreme bias and aggression. Namely, left-wing political activism is radiating outwards. By attacking the government with all their cannons, they are also helping to promote non-compliance with the measures necessary to return to normalcy. There is nothing different from the side of the largest commercial television station, POP TV, even though we have an epidemic. Long-time journalist and writer Gregor Preac decided to tell the truth to Slavko Bobovnik. In response, he attributed the following: “There are no Slavko Bobovniks in Australia, RTV SLO, POP TV, who in an anti-government rage are hoping for a bad picture of the pandemic and vaccination.”

It is difficult to understand why those who ignore the measures in Slovenia are propagated with such enthusiasm, because it is, after all, a common battle and not a battle of individuals. Even in war it stands that if members of the same army do not act in unison, there is no success. The same is true in team sports. The mainstream media obviously do not understand this, or do not want to understand it. Of course, this is not surprising given that we have serious problems in Slovenia with the media space, which has been completely unbalanced for three decades. Dominant media in Slovenia represent 90 percent of the media space. The media that are owned by Slovenia are owned by the tycoon elite, which implements the political agenda through them. Accordingly, their power is, of course, great.

Stories that do not suit the mainstream media are not reported

Thus, stories that do not suit the mainstream media, such as the story in connection with the President of the Court of Audit Tomaž Vesel, who “does business” well in the afternoon, and the papers allowing for this are nowhere to be found, are not reported. Since the Slovene opposition is known to invest all its efforts in the form of the KUL coalition in overthrowing the government, it is not surprising that the subordinate media are doing the same to them. The promotion of irresponsible behaviour at anti-government protests and irresponsible individuals such as Marko Potrč, Werner and rapper Zlatko brought us to where we are. There is hardly a day that they would not poke their noses into the government. If necessary, they also create an affair and “run” it for as long as possible. It is unfortunate, however, that in the end the most vulnerable pay the most.

The current situation in Australia is certainly much better (11 infections have been confirmed in the last 24 hours), but the fact is that this is because they have uniformly implemented strict measures to contain the virus. Of course, it is ridiculous that, on the other hand, they criticise our measures, which are much less stringent than in Australia. These are even less strict than in Sweden, the paradise of many leftists. This is revealed by the website Our World in Data, which is a scientific online publication that focuses on the biggest global problems, including the epidemic of the new coronavirus. The claim about the severity of Slovenian measures is thus a myth. Namely, Slovenia was ranked somewhere in the middle among the EU countries in terms of severity of measures, which indicates that the complaining of some about Slovenia’s severe regime in this area is completely at odds with reality.