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torek, 30 novembra, 2021

There is no longer any doubt as to who, by their example, is taking care of the deteriorating epidemiological situation: Alenka Bratušek caught without a mask, again!

By: Aleš Ernecl / Nova24tv.si

At the session regarding the decision of the no confidence vote against the government, Alenka Bratušek was very loud about the government’s fault for spreading infections. She claimed that no one could accuse her and her party of anything, but then in the following days she discredited this claim herself when she was caught without a mask on several different occasions.

Alenka Bratušek was caught without a mask again, this time even at the health committee – how symbolic. And significant, as it seems she transferred her habits to the National Assembly. Habits she claimed she did not have.

A photo was posted on her Twitter profile by Lucija Lotus Mlinarič, who wrote that also today the president of the SAB party was not wearing a mask at the health committee. Why? Does she really not understand the importance of measures to curb the spread of the epidemic?

There is no longer any doubt as to who, by their example, is taking care of the deteriorating epidemiological situation

The ignorance of the opposition with an MP, who was not elected by the people, but managed to get into the National Assembly after the death of her own MP, seems to just go on and on. Already during the session, when deciding on constructive no confidence vote, SAB MPs were caught without masks, and that on the same day when the president assured – at the place where they were caught – that nothing could be blamed on them. She stated: “You have absolutely nothing to blame on the SAB party. Despite the fact that we did not agree with many of the measures, we always publicly called on people to: Respect the measures.” They became the object of ridicule when, together with other KUL members, they experienced the fiasco of the last episode of the season “I have 46 votes”.


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