The new identitarian book, titled »Evropa narodov«, or Europe of nations, has been published in Slovenia

(Photo: Demokracija)

The new identitarian book, titled »Evropa narodov«, or Europe of nations, has been published in Slovenia. It was written by a number of different authors, and it represents the second identitarian publication in Slovenian language after »Manifest za domovino« or The Manifesto for the Homeland.

While most of the book was written by members and supporters of the local Generation Identity branch, there are also a few chapters written by three well known Slovenian politicians; Branko Grims from the biggest opposition party, the Slovenian Democratic Party (Slovenska demokratska stranka), Zmago Jelinčič Plemeniti, the President of the Slovenian National Party (Slovenska nacionalna stranka) and Bernard Brščič, the President of the recently founded Homeland League (Domovinska liga) party.

The book is highly critical of the European Union and its institutions which are seen as increasingly autocratic and detrimental to the European nations by the majority of the authors. But while they believe that EU is, in fact, a globalist project that must be dissolved, the book offers an alternative concept called the »Europe of nations«. This is an alliance of sovereign European nation-states, which will allow them to cooperate in many different fields, from trading to military matters, while keeping their independence intact. In this way, the richness of the diverse European cultures could be preserved together with the sense of belonging to the greater European family within each nation in Europe.

Even though most of the book is concerned with the outlining of this new »Europe of nations« concept, the reader can find many other different topics. Some of them include the detailed explanation of the ominous Kalergi plan, a very good definition of Nationalism, the problems of National chauvinism, the pagan and Christian heritage of Europe, a few chapters that deal with the problems of mass immigration and Islamisation of our continent, the Marrakesh Declaration on global migrations, a brief history of the Identitarian movement and much more.

For the first time in the Slovenian language, readers can be informed about many important topics. Despite the book being quite short and counting only a hundred pages, it contains many interesting facts which will help the reader better understand, not just the Identitarian ideas, but also the many problems that we as Europeans are facing today and most importantly viable solutions for these problems.

The book was published by the Nova obzorja (New Horizons) company, and the Foreword was written by Igor Kernel, a publicist and an expert on the ideas of the New Right.

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