The Last American “Mohican”

(Photo: Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

Donald Trump seems to be the last hope of American patriots, as he can, for at least another four years, still stop the triumphant march of leftist madness on the power, which threatens the very essence of the United States. If Trump falls, it may be the end of the U.S. and American success stories as we know them forever.

In American popular culture, the term “last Mohican” (coined by the American romantic writer Cooper) is used for something doomed to collapse and extinct. Despite the once very powerful and numerous Indian tribe of Mohicans did not actually become extinct and there are still about 3,500 of them today, they still had to save their lives and leave their environment after the war with the enemy Mohawks. Thus, Mohicans are a lesson to Americans that even powerful things are fleeting and can disappear.

In the 21st century, the world is changing with incredible haste. There are changes happening that seemed incredible just a few decades ago. The European Union and the United States are being conquered by radical left-wing ideologies based on Marxism and even Leninism and Maoism. Their march does not take place in the economic field, where these ideologies have burned out in the practice of the 20th century, but in the social field. There, their ideologues can afford abstract-bizarre theses that do not need to be tested in the reality of practice, but can revolve to the point of impotence in ideological-philosophical brainwashing, which has the most detrimental effect on the young American and European generations. Elderly hippies, who are now established professors at many left-leaning American universities, have finally made the big hit they so desperately wanted in the 1960s: Persistently and slowly, with the help of the ideological indoctrination of young people within the education system, they brought the entire system of a prosperous Western free world to its knees.

Why is Trump so Important

Donald Trump is an arrogant and cocky businessman who fights against fake news from the mainstream media with fake news that he launches himself on Twitter, knowing that you should fight fire with fire. He is known to have acquired property in a cruel and morally questionable manner. His statements when he expressed a humiliating attitude towards women are also well known. Trump is by no means a humanist and is anything but a morally sound man. He lacks the dignity that has characterised American presidents for centuries. He is often seen improvising in his presidential role. He does not have a stable administration, as he constantly changes his people in key positions.

But Trump was, after all, a very good president who reduced U.S. unemployment to a record level in the last half century before the pandemic. Probably the best American president in 75 years (both for Americans and for the world) as he has taken care of the American little man in a very simple way: he has fulfilled his election promises, which is more than the vast majority of his predecessors did at this most powerful political functions of the world. There is no doubt that Trump is a patriot and that traditional values are close to his heart. At the moment, Donald Trump is not important to the U.S. as an individual or even as president, but he is important to what – despite his bizarre appearance – he represents. He is also important in light of what is his political alternative at the moment.

The American Democratic Party has gone astray like never before in its history. The classic candidate of the establishment, Joe Biden, was appointed as a challenger to Trump, but they forgot that his dementia was already too advanced. Sleepy Joe, as his rival Trump “affectionately” calls him, will not be able to lead the country for four years, and in 2024 he will certainly no longer be a candidate for the presidency, even if he wins in 2020. The big question is whether the Democrats intend to hold a secret presidency through Biden’ administration in case of victory, or whether the presidency will soon be taken over by Biden’s vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. If the latter happens, the US is also doomed to the official enthronement of the far-left social agenda, which will dominate the oval office in the White House for the first time in the history of the free world.

Trump is the last “Mohican”

Jurij Bezmenov, a Soviet journalist and collaborator of the Soviet KGB spy service who fled to the West in 1970, revealed to the American public in the first half of the 1980s what plan the KGB had to destabilize the US with i.e. ideological subversiveness. This happens in four phases, but the key is the first phase, which is expected to last 15 to 20 years. It is a phase of demoralisation of the nation. The KGB had a plan to demoralise the entire American generation and distance it from patriotism by spreading Leninist-Marxist ideas among American youth within the American education system. When this generation would take positions of power in society, the KGB would thus create the ground for further phases of ideological subversiveness, the ultimate purpose of which would be the physical occupation of the United States. In a good decade of living in the West, Bezmenov noticed that Americans demoralised themselves under the influence of the ideas of the hippie movement. He then called on Americans to raise a generation of patriots, but this did not happen, as all generations in the US – at least as far as intellectuals are concerned – were further demoralised for the next 35 years. And even to this day they are exposed to further demoralisation with the help of radical leftist ideas. Thus, American society is actually digging its own grave.

Despite his “unusualness” on a symbolic level, Donald Trump has become the last defender of American patriotism and traditional values. That is why, in this sense, Trump is the last “Mohican” of the good old American tradition that made the U.S. such a great and powerful force in the world that many have followed and admire. If Trump falls, this tradition will symbolically fall and the radical left will be able to finally poison the US with its bizarre ideologies.

The US has a strong influence on Europe

Events in the USA have had a decisive influence on Western Europe since 1945. Slovenia has now become part of the free developed world and U.S. influences extend to it more than ever before. This is not so much about economic and political influences as it is about cultural and ideological influences. As a result, left-wing ideologies are increasingly dominating throughout Europe. The U.S. presidential election is – as Trump rightly put it – the most important election in U.S. history and will have major consequences in any case. If Trump wins, there will be no such drastic changes. We will still live in relative peace and the overthrow of left-wing radical ideologies will be as unbearable as it has been so far. On the other hand, American patriots will have another four years to find a new personality that will be able to sustain the American way of life even after Trump. It is also very likely that the left-wing radicals in the ranks of the Democrats will lose a lot of momentum due to the defeat against Trump, which would certainly be a great relief. But if Trump falls and Biden wins, the world will become increasingly conflicted as U.S.-Russia relations will deteriorate. New wars will break out in the world under the direction of the American establishment, because Trump was actually a peacemaker in this area, and Biden will not be. And worst of all, left-wing radical ideologies in this case will go wild and put more and more pressure on Europe as well.

Whatever happens in the U.S. elections in the USA on November 3rd this year will have very big impact on the whole world and consequently on Slovenia as well. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, this is the second most important world event in this turbulent year of 2020. Hopefully, both issues will unfold as favourably as possible for us and all the people of the world.