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Wednesday, October 4, 2023

The first case of coronavirus infection in Slovenia

The Slovenian authorities have confirmed the first case of coronavirus infection in Slovenia. So far Slovenia has performed 352 coronavirus tests.

Around 08.44 pm, the Microbiology Laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine in Ljubljana announced that it had discovered the first case of infection with a new coronavirus in Slovenia. According to the information available so far, the patient arrived from Morocco and came to Slovenia via Italy. Today he visited his personal doctor, who sent him to an Infection Clinic because he had obvious signs of illness. A swab was taken at the clinic and the sample was positive, said Ales Sabeder, the minister of health, who is running an ongoing business, at a press conference.

The patient is now at the UKC Ljubljana Infection Clinic in a room intended for patients with the new coronavirus. Appropriate and envisaged protocols for these cases have been initiated, the minister added.

“We have to determine where he has been and how he travelled,” Slovenian Health Minister Ales Sabader said at a press conference late on Wednesday.

Maja Socan from the National Institute of Public Health emphasized  that they don’t not know much about the case yet, as they learned about it just over an hour ago. Now they are exploring where the patient has been moving. They want to find out where he got infected and who he was in contact with, especially the most risky contacts. It seems that he did not become infected in Slovenia but is likely to be infected abroad. According to Maja Socan, he he had most likely become infected in Morocco.


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