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Saturday, December 9, 2023

The failed prime minister, Mr. Šarec, lied on TV Slovenia’s show “Tarča”

The fallen former Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Marjan Šarec, also the president of the LMŠ political party, was misleading and lying on national television in TV show “Tarča”.

He had a lot to say over the purchase of protective masks during this government and now he also doesn’t want to be aware, that the warehouses were empty, at the time he left the government. There were only a few thousand masks in the warehouses in Roje, when the government was replaced, which would be sufficient only for less than two days of surgeons’ needs, only at the University Clinical Centre Ljubljana.

After notoriously leaving the post of Prime Minister, after admitting that he is unable to lead the country, Mr. Šarec has disappeared for a while, but now hopes that he will be able to again seduce the public. Thus, in a TV show last week, he explained that masks were coming, and that the current government should look for help in purchasing protective masks from domestic companies. He mentioned company Tosama from Domžale.

He accused Minister Zdravko Počivalšek of not allowing on Ministry of Economic Development and Technology the production at the Tosama company. However, the documents put Mr. Šarec on lie. As early as on March 6, the ministry published a notice on its website stating, that their representatives had talked with Tosama about the manufacturing of masks, but that “the production setup is not possible”. Tosama said they had no equipment and could also not make any investment.

The machine, they used to manufacture surgical masks, was sold to the Chinese a while ago and the delivery time for the new machine is four to five weeks. Appropriate material for the production of masks could be “acquired only in August this year”. This means that the first masks could only be delivered at the end of summer. The ministry noted also that both delivery times (for machine and material) are too long.

Today, a few weeks after the start of the COVID-19 epidemic (which was declared in Slovenia on March 12), we also know, that this would not be the right solution. The COVID-19 virus and disease were “not ready to wait” until the fall.

Šarec obviously though, that no one would remember that. It is also a fact, that all the warehouses were empty at his fault, though he is now trying to show things differently. And in doing so, he lies. The facts are clear and the numbers are not lying.


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