RED ALERT IN SLOVENIA! It was found out that one family last week visited Vo’ Euganeo near Padua, where there is one of the coronavirus hot spots in Italy!

(Photo: Demokracija)

At the office we received a letter from the furious father of two school-age children, who are visiting the primary school in Dolenji Logatec. The letter is addressed to the headmistress and two assistants of  this school and it urges them to finally accept the urgent decisions and ensure that a very contagious disease of the Covid-19 won’t start to spread in the school.

The school is attended by two children, who are related (the third kid goes to the kindergarten nearby) and were last week together with their family visiting relatives in the place Vo’ Euganeo near Padua – from where, as media reported, was the first victim who died of coronavirus in Europe!

As the mother of those children allegedly said, shortly after they have left, the place was completely isolated and quarantined. That is why the reaction of the principal of the school, the 6th grade class teacher and the representative of parents of that class was utterly inadmissible, writes the furious father in the letter. »As if to say that everything is under control, we have the guidelines, do not panic, you need to wash your hands, breathe the fresh air, and so on.”

According to the information that you get on the internet, it is true that the disease for children, at least for older ones, is not that much dangerous and most of them would recovere from covid-19. But what worries is the dissemination of the virus between people and the possible pandemic that would follow!

Countries around Slovenia are aware of the severity of the problem – disease spreading -, including Croatia, Austria, Balkans, Germany and of course Italy. But in Slovenia there is no awerness and we are not prepared for greater spread of the virus in our coutry, regarding capacities, material and staff, as nurses wrote in an open letter.

The headmistress and the assistans in the school in Dolenji Logatec should know that their positions require all of the seriousness and acting to prevent the spread of coronavirus, wrote an outraged dad: “Please be aware that you are directly responsible for the health and safety of the slovenian citizens! Therefore, it is about time to wake up!”

He asked all three of them, the principal and assistants, to take action immediately and to do whatever still can be done. »The health workers should be immediately informed about the family which were in the contaminated place and the family, in my opinion, should be at least isolated from the community!” He is expecting response from the school with conrete answers, not with theory and links to guidelines. He will wait until late afternoon, then he will give the case to the media, so that public will find out about the irresponsible child carers in this school.

If the primary school in Dolenji Logatec after this letter will not react properly, if there will be an outbreak of the virus in Logatec and if the family with three children mentioned in the letter will be recognized as a focal point, the author of the letter ensures that he will prosecute the responsible ones at the school (that is the headmistress and the two assistans) for omission of due diligence and potential risks to the health of the people!

We sent some questions to the school and are still waiting for the answers.

The school published instructions about how to handle regarding coronavirus on the website (HERE).