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Sunday, September 24, 2023

Police Action in Bihać Reveals 49 Pieces of Cold Weapons in Migrant Home! Several Arrests Relating to Physical Aggression Follow!

Bosnian media reports that in a student home in Bihać, where hostile migrants were settled, 49 pieces of cold weapons of various sizes were found: everything from knives and razor blades to sticks, which could be used to cause serious body injuries. Several packages of what seems to be marijuana were also found. The police reported that several people, who participated in yesterday’s fight, were under criminal investigation.

To recap yesterday’s news: a group of about ten migrants attacked the police officers and security guards who tried to calm down the situation in a student home where a riot took place. One of the police officers was forced to fire warning shots for the safety and security of his colleagues.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs warns that the daily increase in the number of migrants is visible in the Una-Sana Canton area, which is resulting in a worsening of the security situation, especially in the Bihać area, where there is an increase in the number of criminal offenses committed by migrants. They emphasize that security measures to control the illegal immigrants are being implemented.

The Bosanski Kamenjar news reported that, in connection with the recent events, police officers have begun implementing another one of the “Pretres” (translation: Shock) campaigns, in the areas where migrants live. These are the premises of the student home in Borići, as well as the tent camp next to it. This will be done in order to trace the cold weapon that caused physical injuries in yesterday’s brawl and which was used for the purpose of committing a crime.

In order to carry out the activities, the police hired around 170 police officers. The investigation was more than successful, since they tracked down the packages with the supposed Cannabis sativa L and the 49 pieces of cold weapons of different sizes, from pocket knives to sticks which can be used to cause serious body injuries. Several people, suspected of being involved in the massive riot, were already taken to the police station for questioning.


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