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Sunday, December 10, 2023

(Lie Of the Year) SD President and MEP Tanja Fajon on RTV: I Stick to Not Exporting Domestic Political Problems to Brussels

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24tv

SD President and MEP Tanja Fajon is known for the fact that ever since Janša took over the government, and especially since Slovenia took over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, she has become more active in slandering and destroying Slovenia’s reputation abroad. That is why the statement that she made on the national television RTV Slovenia, related to the affair with her assistant, who “proofread” the report of the Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Monitoring Group on the situation in Slovenia, is all the more incredible. Namely, Fajon said that she sticks to not exporting domestic problems to the European Parliament.

“Whenever my colleagues ask me about it, I am honest with my answer – you can deal with Slovenia, but we in Slovenia solve our own domestic political problems, and throughout my political career in Brussels, I have stuck to not exporting our domestic political problems to the European Parliament,” Tanja Fajon lied without a hint of a guilty conscience.

However, there has never been as much slander of Slovenia by our own MEPs in the European Parliament as in the last year and a half. Ever since Janša took over the government, Fajon has been persistently slandering Slovenia and airing out her dirty laundry elsewhere – not at home. This is also what happened in July of this year when the Prime Minister presented the priorities of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union to Members of the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Namely, in only 44 seconds, Tanja Fajon told more lies than many others do in their entire lifetimes. At the time, the reactions towards Fajon in Slovenia were very negative, saying how dare she talk about Slovenia like that.


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