Islamization at Iskraemeco? Authors of Anonymous Letter Claim that a “New Era” Prevailed at the Company

(Photo: Demokracija)

The Iskraemeco company is known for the production of electricity meters. The change of ownership, however, has caused also an obvious change of the logo, on which the “Arab style” is now predominant – at least this is what the authors claim in the anonymous letter that our Editorial Board received recently.

They claim that in the original logo there was a plus sign, which resembled the cross too much, and so they replaced it with another symbol that resembles more a crescent moon. The authors of the anonymous letter – very likely they are the employees – also argue that they have to eat halal meat in their dining room and listen to loud Muslim music. All non-Muslim religious symbols that the employees owned had to be removed, such as the cross, images, and the like, while the inscriptions in Arabic became common. According to some hints, the arrangement of a Muslim prayer room is being planned in one of the warehouses. The company’s management is also supposed to recruit left-wing activist Mojca Markizeti, who would be in charge of ensuring that the materials for the production of meters comes from “non-conflict areas”, which are Muslim countries.

We are still checking the validity of the statements in the anonymous letter. However, it is also true that the company’s policies are firstly a matter of the owner who, in this case, comes from the predominantly Muslim Egypt, the El-Sewedy business concern. It is clear, however, that the arrival of this “heavy hitter” from the Muslim world brings with it its own set of consequences…

Interestingly, we found Markizeti on the company’s website, listed as the responsible person for the sustainability projects. After all, she is the founder of the TRS (Sustainable Development of Slovenia) movement. It is also true that the company’s website still retains the old logo, even though the company has been owned by the Egyptians since 2007. The authors sent us a photo of the new logo as well, and it is not excluded that this new logo is already in use in Western markets…

To this end, we should mention that we sent questions about the statements from the anonymous letter, to the headquarters of the company. We are still waiting for the answers…