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Monday, October 2, 2023

George Soros’s Network Arranges 30-Day Blockade of Journalist Who Posted a Link to the Petition for the Withdrawal from Marrakesh Declaration!

Facebook blocked the Nova24TV journalist for 30 days only because he published an article on our website about the creation of a petition that invites the Slovenian government to withdraw from the Marrakesh Declaration. Some are evidently bothered by the public news that illegal migrants are being rejected and that this news is spreading among the population of Slovenia.


Apparently, George Soros, the American businessman of Hungarian descent and a great friend of the migrants, is very nervous that someone might oppose the execution of his evil plan – to settle as many Muslim migrants as possible in Europe. It is clear to everyone that reads our articles that we are part of the outspoken media. Since the beginning of the migrant crisis, we reported honestly on the migrant flows and their consequences.

Frequently Quoted in Foreign Media
Nova24TV recently reported about the disclosure on the financing of illegal migrants with the help of Mastercard bank cards, which ironically bear the logo of the European Union and the UN Refugee Agency, mocking the honest taxpayers. The report was quoted in German, Polish, Spanish, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Spanish, French, Greek and Finnish media. This suggests that the European media cannot turn away from the truth, namely, the migrants coming through Bosnia and Herzegovina looking well fed, well dressed, and equipped with the latest models of phones on which they find information on safe routes for the illegal crossings between countries.

Since the Marrakesh Declaration on Migration was adopted in May 2018, trouble has been stirring up for some time. Especially because the declaration equalizes the status of refugees and migrants and also because the whole philosophy of the declaration is directed towards a greater immigration to Europe and does not accept any deviation from this policy. Meanwhile, more and more states protest the continuation of talks on a global agreement on migration (GCM), which they intend to adopt in Marrakesh on the 10th and 11th of December. It is worth pointing out that the declaration is harmful and can ultimately contribute to the end of the European civilization, tradition and culture.


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