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Edina Toth: A civilization without strong fundations has no future

In upcoming elections for European Parliament, Edina Toth run on Fidesz list. She served in years 1996-2003 as vice-president of Fidesz youth wing, in 1999-2001 she served as vice president of EPP student organisation. Since 2004 she works as advisor in EPP Group.

Would you agree that this year elections are crucial for future, not only for future of European union, but our continent in general?

Yes, I fully share this opinion. I think this year’s EP elections are crucial for the European Union and whole Europe. We will decide about the future of the continent and our future, therefore we are before a historic election. The question is not only whether there will be more right wing or left wing representatives in the European Parliament, but the key question we will decide on is whether Europe will continue to be European or will it change in such a direction that in some years we could not recognise what it was. We will be deciding on defending our Christian European culture and preserving Europe and our countries as we have always known them.

You already work for some time as an advisor in EPP group. Can you tell us something about your past work in Bruxelles?

Yes, I work as a policy adviser for the EPP Group for 15 years. I came to Brussels with the enlargement in 2004. My role is to give political advices to the EPP Members on different policy fields. To facilitate to try to find a common line on a certain policy field first within the EPP Group and after to try to find a compromise with the other political groups keeping the essentail elements of the EPP line for the committee and after for the plenary vote.

What urged you to move from »support« role into more active one?

I have been active in politics since I was a teeneager. For many years I was one of the vice-presidents of Fidelitas, the youth organisation of Fidesz and of EDS (European Democrat Students), the student organisation of the European People’s Party. I have been a MEP candidate already three times since 2004. If you want to be a really active MEP you need a comprehensive knowledge about the EU and its functioning, and I think my previous work in the EP provides me with a good background for the new task.

If you will be elected, what will be your main field of interest? (economy, security, education…) Do you already have any special project in mind?

As an adviser in the EPP Group I was working for two and a half years in the committee on Women’s Rights and in the past twelf and half years in the committee on Industry, Research and Energy. I am very much interested in the future of the single market and the future digital technologies. But I am ready for any new challenges that my party will assign to me.

How would you handle migration problem? Not just problem of future migrations but problems with migrants that are already here?

Let me start that it is very important to make a difference between refugees and economic migrants. We should help those people who are in need of it. In my opinion it is key that we should bring the help where they live, where the problems are and not to import here the problems. Let me draw your attention to the well functioning Hungary Helps programme which was set up in 2017 and aims at aiding Christian communities expreriencing persecution around the world and so far disbursed aid of 25 m EUR to 35,000 Christians making a living in their homelands. These people will have a key role in rebuilding their countries and contribute to their flourishment. Concerning those people who are already here in my opinion education has a key role.

Would you agree that main problem of Europe is cultural marxism, destroying the very fundations of our civilization?

In my view it is a crucial problem if we deny our roots, our tradition, our culture and religion. A civilization without strong fundations has no future, it is weak and can be easily attacked and influenced.

It is obvious that christianity is main target of attacks by both third world migrants and left liberal elites. Why, by your oppinion?

Unfortunately nowadays Christianty became the most persecuted religion in the world. Let me remind you about the recent tragic events during Easter in Sri Lanka. Your question is related to the previous question. If it is seen from outside that our christian civilisation is getting weaker, loosing its roots, giving up its idenity, you give the impression that you are weak and you are an easy target. It is always easier to attack somebody who is weaker compared to someone with a stronger identity. The aim of these forces is to gain control and seize power over the Christian Europe founded by Adenauer, Schuman, de Gasperi etc. and in order to achieve this the christian values are under systematic attack.

Many Europeans think that we care too much about how may others (non Europeans) feel, so we dont put our interests first. Do you agree with them, that it is about time, that we should put Europe first?

For the European citizens the European interests should be always the first. If you don’t stand up for your interests you are weak. If your ability to enforce your interest is weak how can you help others? It is only possibly to provide help for others if you are stronger. Therefore it is crucial that we work for a strong christian Europe based on the interests of the nation states, in my opinion only then can we make our continent strong.

Hungary (and Fidesz) are taking fire from left liberal elites and MSM media for not caving their agenda. How about you personaly? Did you expirienced any resentment, presure, unplesanties from standing EU presonal or staffers of other political parties?

I like to exchange views with everybody, let it be a socialist, a liberal or a green. What is important for me is to listen to each other and respect each others opinion, this is key in my political culture. Of course I had many debates, disputes with repersentatives of other political parties, but always following the basic cultural norms.

Mainstream media is known about biased reporting on Višegrad countries. Can you mention one or two examples of most biased reportnig on Hungary or Fidesz?

We have to ask the question why? The answer is simple, as these countries oppose immigration. I can mention many examples unfortunately, but maybe one of the most biased example was the Sargentini report on Hungary in the European Parliament, which had nothing to do with facts, was completely based on lies, false information and was politically motivated, only because the Hungarian Government opposes migration.

Why do you think, left liberal elites try so hard to censure social media?

Social media has a growing role, it is influencing more and more people and it is the only media which reaches the young generation. It is not neccessary to explain what effect this can have in the longterm on a person.

Current polling show that EPP-SD-ALDE coalition would still had majority. Can we expect another »big coalition« and nothing will change? What is position of Fidesz in such scenario? Will you withdrew support for another big coalition?

First of all we have to wait for the result of the EP elections, still once month to go. At this moment it is also unclear what will happen with Brexit, which also effects the final result. Fidesz can support only such a coalition which respects the rights of Member States, defends European christian values and does not encourage immigration and wants to maintain the European cultural heritage.

According  to most recent poll in Hungary, Fidesz will get 14 out of 21 seats allocated to Hungary. I belive this prediction is quite steady for some months now?  Is there posibility of major swing either way?

According to the current opinion polls Fidesz will win and get the majority of the EP seats. In my opinion this is stable, and I do not forsee major changes. During my campaign I talk to many people in Hungary and the large majority of them are supporting the 7 point programme of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán which proposes the following:

  • The management of migration must be taken away from the Brussels bureaucrats and given to the national governments.
  • No country should be forced to accept migrants against its will.
  • Nobody should be admitted to Europe without valid identification and documents.
  • Prepaid migrant cards and the migrant visa must be abolished.
  • Brussel should not give more funding to the NGOs financed by George Soros.
  • In Europe, no one should be discriminated against because they declare themselves Christian.
  • EU institutions should be governed by politicians opposing immigration.

A bit lighthearted question for end- how do you feel with spot number 13 on Fidesz list?

I am very happy and honoured that my party nominated me for this place. I am not supersticious and I truly hope number 13 will bring me luck. Let me also take the opportunity to thank for the excellent co-operation with Mr Janez Jansa and MEP Milan Zver.

Thanks for your answers and hopefully we will see you as MEP in next parliamentary term.


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