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Consequences of “tolerance” advocated by Fajon: Death threats everywhere

By: Sara Kovač / Nova24TV

Although the left wing, and especially the president of the SD party, Tanja Fajon, has her mouth full of sweet words about dialogue, reassuring politics, unity, and non-violence, she does not seem to be putting her words into practice in any way. Neither the politicians on the left wing nor their sympathisers. They do not find it disputable that, for example, Prime Minister Janez Janša is being threatened with death, puppets of Interior Minister Aleš Hojs are being burned in front of the parliament, bloodied school desks are being set up in front of the Ministry of Culture, they paste photos of doctors and threaten them with death, and we could go on and on.

With all the hooliganism, which escalated even more during the epidemic, leftists say ten times a day that we have a government of fear, that whatever the government says is intimidation of the nation, that the government is incapable of dialogue, and only reaches for restrictive measures. In the same breath, of course, they reject the invitation of President Borut Pahor, who advocates discussion and cooperation in solving current problems. Why do threats, dismantling, throwing granite cubes appear only when the government is formed by Janez Janša? The left option will answer that because of his “autocratic” rule, but the truth is in the palm of your hand, so to speak. On the left, they do not really want a dialogue at all. They do not want cooperation; they do not want to act for the good of the nation. All they want is power and a flow of finances, just as they have been accustomed to all these years. And for that, they are willing to do anything.

“Ladies and gentlemen, at protests, where you diligently go and invite, death is publicly threatened with. T-shirts with the threat of death are worn. They are worn by people who are famous. Death is threatened with at meetings of the governing bodies of the public RTV Slovenia. The session lasted three hours, they sowed for three hours under a banner, where 220,000 people who voted for the SDS were threatened with deaths, at a time when the party was in opposition. I am directly threatened with death,” in the spring Janša recalled about how the picture with the death threat was published as something completely normal on the website of the public RTV and asked: “Despite what is written in the Criminal Code. I ask you, those in charge in the police, the prosecutor’s office, the courts, do we have the rule of law, do the laws apply to everyone equally – can those you consider second-class be threatened with death?”

In any case, everyone has the right to their own political beliefs. Nevertheless, no one, no one at all, has the right to threaten with death to someone who thinks differently. Also because Article 17 of the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia guarantees that human life is inviolable. And that is not only because of the Article, but also because a man who has at least some culture will not even think about such behaviour. Is the phrase “Janša is a patient, die in agony!” something that a reasonable or empathetic person would write?

As already mentioned, the sympathisers of the left political option do not lag behind their bright examples. Of course, the central media also help in this, they are using the epidemic for a political fight against the government and help spreading the left wing or the anti-government, anti-Janša ideology. Attacks, ugly words, threats, everything except cultural dialogue are taking place on social networks. “It is a pity, he fits well for Goli otok,” someone commented today on the news when Interior Minister Aleš Hojs was turned on the border with Croatia. “Cannot this uneducated fool be silenced?” “When are the slaughters, I am wondering for a friend who is a butcher?” “Žan Mahnič should have his mouth shut,” are some examples of “friendly” comments tweeted by the State Secretary for National Security.

We have repeatedly quoted the first paragraph of Article 297 of the Criminal Code, which states: “Anyone who publicly encourages or incites hatred, violence, or intolerance based on national, racial, religious or ethnic origin, sex, skin colour, origin, wealth, education, social status, political or other beliefs, disability, sexual orientation or any other personal circumstances, and the act is committed in a manner which may endanger or disturb public order or peace, or by the use of threats, offence or insults, shall be punishable by imprisonment for up to two years.” But even in our judicial system, there are clearly double standards. We would also like to draw attention to paragraph 6 of the same article, which states: “The means and objects with the messages referred to in the first and second paragraphs of this Article, as well as the devices intended for their production, reproduction, and distribution, shall be seized or their use shall be appropriately prevented.” It would therefore be only right for the police to seize hostile banners during the protests. But we can only imagine what the left would shout.


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