Code: Eurabia

(Photo: Wikipedia)

Years ago, Norwegian blogger Fjordman wrote an essay on the Vienna Gate blog entitled Code: Eurabia (The Eurabia Code). The excellent text, which chronologically reveals how the leaders of the then European Economic Community (EEC) sold Europe to Muslims, has attracted a great deal of attention. So much so that the police started looking for him until it was revealed that he was a today 43-year-old Pedro Are Nøstvold Jensen.

Leftists accused him of extremism, racism and religious intolerance, but everything he wrote at the time has come true to this day, the text is still relevant. He wrote the essay with the help of the findings of historian Bat Ye’or, who in a study of Eurabia revealed the essence of a scary plan to make Europe an appendage of the Arab-Muslim world. Both Fjordman and Ye´or followed historical turning points and adopted documents. Eurasia is essentially a political plan that would establish a political formation in the Mediterranean area like the Roman Empire was. It began more than 50 years ago when Charles de Gaulle, angry that France had lost its colonies in Africa, blamed the U.S. for it and launched an anti-American and anti-Israel persecution. The II Vatican Council also contributed a lot, which opened the Catholic Church to Islam. The thesis of Pope Paul VI was first accepted by France, Italy and Spain, so it is not surprising that most of these countries are Muslims.

Then came the fateful year of 1975, which opened the door wide to Western Europe to “camel hunters,” as Fallaci calls them. They adopted the Strasbourg Resolution, which was adopted in July 1975 at the initiative of the Parliamentary Association for European-Arab Cooperation within the European Economic Community (now the EU). “My God, it was not a conspiracy waged in the dark by strangers or hangmen known only to police stations and Interpol. It was a conspiracy carried out in broad daylight, in front of everyone, in front of television cameras, and it was carried out by famous leaders,” says Oriana Fallaci in her book. The resolution was dictated by Muslims after a brief “oil war” two years earlier, when Arab countries declared an oil embargo on the United States and all countries that would not accept their political demands. Nine EEC countries have succumbed to Islamic extortion, although the blood of Israeli athletes from the Munich Olympic facilities in 1972, when they were abducted and killed by Palestinians, has not yet been thoroughly washed away.

From then on, it was no longer just about economic cooperation, but the then Euro-Arab “dialogue” supported many educational and cultural programs of Islamic centres in Europe. They introduced the term Eurabia. If at that time in Europe, according to the American Center for the Study of Global Christianity, there were a good two percent of Muslims, today there are officially 44 million (unofficially even more) or about six percent. United Nations statistics show that their number in Europe has increased by as much as 142.6 percent in the last 25 years alone, and the projections are worrying. In the next decade and a half, the share of Muslims will exceed ten percent, and a decade and a half later, a third of Europeans will be Muslims. This is entirely in line with the periods when the Arabs will run out of oil.

European cities began to fill with Muslims in the 1970s. They were becoming the labour force that European leftists needed in the elections as the classical working class started disappearing. This is also the time when Gaddafi bought 10 percent of Fiat, France began building a nuclear power plant in Iraq, when Egyptian Al Fayed cast an eye on the Harrods department store in London, and also the time when European historians began to revise history.

In April 1983, then-German Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher opened a symposium on Euro-Arab dialogue in Hamburg and praised the greatness of Islamic civilization, which he called the lighthouse of light. “The light that has illuminated Europe for centuries has helped Europe step out of barbarism,” he said. Indigenous people have never experienced such humiliation in the middle of Europe. No one disputed when Abraham was labelled a Muslim and not a pioneer of Israel, no one raised their voice when Jesus was labeled an “unfortunate” pre-Muhammad who drank and had sex everywhere. Of course, the symposium also discussed Muslim immigrants, who must not only be equal, but should have the same rights as the citizens that host them.

The many conferences and symposia that followed each other always brought new revisions. Suddenly, for example, the Spanish Historian Margarita Lopez Gomez began to claim that the paper was not invented by the Chinese, but by Muslims from Damascus and Baghdad. According to her, Hippocrates did not start studying blood circulation, but the Islamic Scholar Ibn Sina, better known to Europeans as Avicenna. Overnight, civilisation also began to owe Muslims credit for artichokes, spinach, oranges, lemons, and even cotton. And everyone applauded Turkish sociologist Şerif Mardin when he announced that we also owe Muslims the dolce stil nuovo poetry school, which flourished with Dante Alighieri. But that’s not all. Professor Louis Baeck of the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium has argued that the father of economic liberalism is not Adam Smith, but, no, you won’t believe, the Prophet Muhammad himself. “It is enough to attribute all the credit for the Enlightenment to the West,” said Professor Reinhard Schulze at a seminar on the Orient in Bonn, saying that the Damascus historian Abdalgani al Nabulusi had begun with this. Such madness was rampant in Western Europe, spiced with anti-Semitism, anti-American attitudes and contempt for Christianity, peaking in September 1991 when the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe adopted a disgraceful recommendation – The Contribution of Islamic Civilisation to European Culture. The report humiliated European civilisation and Christian values ​​and opened the door to Islam even more. Only Norwegian parliamentarian Hallgrim Berg resisted. The speech of this upright man, who is still fighting Islamisation in Norway today, is so important as a warning that he deserves to be published in full:

“Gentlemen, here we are pulling ourselves by the nose. This report has nothing to do with Islamic culture in retrospect and is not as innocent as it seems. Mainly because it does not mention a single word about the disgusting treatment of women in Islamic culture. You do not even know this reality; it is completely overshadowed by the excuse that the West has always told a bunch of lies about Islam. And I will never accept a report that does not take a stand on the drama of Muslim women, but disguises it. I will never vote for a report that does not touch on human rights in Islam, but avoids it by only talking about human rights, yet does not require Islam to respect them. Moreover, it is this report that conceals the truth about the Palestinian problem. About the spread of fundamentalism, about the negative aspects of Islam. Euro-Arab dialogue, gentlemen?! What you are doing is not a dialogue: it is a monologue in which, in the name of liberal thought, intellectual generosity, you look at things from one side and not the other. But liberal thought and intellectual generosity do not work when they are only on one side. You are demanding, for example, that school texts that do not speak of Islam’s contribution to Europe’s cultural development be withdrawn. And they? Do we have any reason to believe that they intend to do the same, namely, to explain in Islamic countries the enormous contribution that Christianity and Western values ​​have made everywhere and to everyone? You also demand that the study of Koranic law be introduced into our school system, that is, our universities, especially our law faculties. And they? Do we have any reason to believe that the study of our laws and our thoughts will be introduced to their law schools, to their universities, to their schools? Gentlemen, your report is not a cultural document. It is a political document that only benefits the support of Islam in Europe. In the name of democracy, I demand that it be re-examined, shaken, corrected and….”

He didn’t finish. Hillgram was deprived of the floor by Swedish President Anders Björck. Meanwhile, Islamic centres, mosques and prayer houses grew in Europe. In France, where the proportion of Muslims reaches almost eight percent of the population, there are already about 2,000. One of the most influential leaders, Dalil Boubakeur, is not happy about this. There would have to be 4,000 to meet the needs, said the 75-year-old Algerian by birth, even a holder of the French National Order of Merit, and a man who said in a deadly attack on Charlie Hedbo magazine that the attack had nothing to do with Islam. Therefore, 65-year-old Sami Aldeeb, a prominent Swiss professor of Palestinian descent, wrote to him in an open letter published by only a few media outlets that he apparently forgot that the attack in Paris was completely in line with the Koran, where it says that those who criticise the Prophet Muhammad must be destroyed. “You have tried to relieve Islam of this attack,” said Aldeeb, who accused Boubakeur of mocking the victims of the attack. He asked him where he thought the attackers had taken up extreme ideas: “Isn’t it in the sermons of the imams in the mosques?”

This is not only the case in France. There are 1,700 registered mosques in the UK, in Germany, where there are officially (only) four million Muslims, they have “only” about 400 (with 2,600 prayer rooms), in Belgium about 300, mosques are only not in 13 European countries and unfortunately Slovenia (if we disregard the one from a hundred years ago in Log pod Mangartom) will soon no longer be among them. Catholic and Protestant churches, on the other hand, are closing and turning into mosques. Soeren Kern, an Islamic researcher from the Strategic Studies Group in Madrid, says 10,000 churches have been closed in Britain since 1960, 500 in Germany since 2000 (another 700 Catholic churches will be closed in the coming years), and in France alone in this decade 70, and only 20 were rebuilt. In other words, the European Christian tradition as we know it is disappearing with Islamisation, which is protected by left-wing multiculturalism. And this people who today even refer to Sigrid Hunke, a German researcher of religions who died in 1999, who defended the superiority of Islam and claimed that Muslims would liberate Europe from Christianity. And who was Mrs. Hunke? “An erudite as much as you want, intelligent as much as you want, but a fucked up Nazi,” Fallaci wrote of her, recalling that Hunke was a member of the SS who advocated the need for rapid racial cleansing.