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Monday, June 5, 2023

As the protesters blocked the streets of Ljubljana again, the police disbanded the rally and detained some people

By: Sara Kovač /Nova24TV

The police announced that they had disbanded the unregistered rally, “the rally was disbanded to ensure security. We warn everyone not to obstruct traffic. We urge everyone to leave the area of the center of Ljubljana peacefully and follow the instructions and orders of the police, as only in this way is it possible to ensure the safe execution of police tasks and thus ensure security,” they said.

“The Republic Square has been fenced off. Our square!” they wrote on the Facebook page Resni.ca before the start of the unreported protest, although the police announced yesterday that the Republic Square would be fenced off due to the marathon and that tents would be set up. Stevanović then called for protesters to gather in Congress Square.

Due to the planned and registered sports event this weekend – a marathon will take place in Ljubljana – the organiser fenced the event space on Republic Square yesterday and today in accordance with the permit. In practice, this means that the entire Square is fenced, and tents and other equipment for the event will be set up. As a result, the movement and gathering of people in this place was made difficult.

The protesters could not gather on the Republic Square, so after Stevanović’s call, they gathered on the Congress Square, where, according to the speeches of the participants, they scattered on the streets of Ljubljana. At Ambrož Square, the police blocked their way across the bridge because they started blocking traffic. The police disbanded the rally.

As some continued to protest, police detained several people.


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